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I’d like to start by introducing you to our team, some of whom will be adding posts to the blog.

I’m Paul, the boss so to speak. I set up the company with a number of other people at the start of 2010 and we took our first holiday booking in May 2010.

Let me start by introducing the Click&Go team….

Bettina is from Austria and has been living in Ireland for years. Bettina is the office senior, she’s the real boss and she looks after contracting all of our accommodation, makes sure our system gets all the documentation to our offices abroad and to our customers and she is also works with me on developing new holidays from Ireland.

Mark is Mr. Moneybags, he’s our accountant. He takes care of all the banking, holiday payments, makes sure we have all the correct rates in our systems, sets prices and basically looks after everything to do with figures.

Next up is Andrea who looks after our online marketing. She has her finger on the pulse of Digital Marketing and is always looking for ways to get the Click&Go brand out there online. All our Facebook fans and Tweeters will be familiar with Andrea who posts holiday promotions and competitions online all the time.  Andrea was project manager on the Holidays with Aer Lingus project which we launched on September 1st. It’s a great website for searching for cheap holidays and city breaks so make sure to check it out.

James works alongside Andrea and he takes care of our offline marketing. We advertise holidays from Ireland in newspapers quite a lot and also send out a mini holiday brochure every two months via newspapers; James takes care of all of that. He designs all the offline material you see from Click&Go and both he and I set out the marketing strategy for the company.

If you phone the office, you’ll most likely get chatting to Jill who looks after all customer calls. Jill really knows her stuff and she is the best person to speak to if you have a question on a holiday resort or accommodation. She has been in almost every location we feature and knows most of the resorts so she is very helpful. If she hasn’t been somewhere, she’ll know someone who has so make sure to chat to her.

Finally, we have Jarek who is our web guru, Jarek works with a team of people on our systems to make sure everything runs smoothly. He joined us in June and has done some great work for us on the website and our latest venture “Holidays with Aer Lingus”.  We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our website and Jarek works with his team to implement all updates.

We like to think of ourselves as a bright young team, we all love travel so work tends to be interesting fun (most of the time!).

We look forward to chatting with you and we hope you’ll be booking your holidays with us soon. Give us a call on 01 5397777 or visit our website.


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