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What’s so great about Cheap All Inclusive Package Holidays?

Let me tell you… The concept of the all-inclusive package holidays originated in the Caribbean and has now really taken off in Europe. It’s becoming very popular in parts of Lanzarote, Tenerife, Majorca and Salou.

All Inclusive package holidays mean that all your food, all snacks, all meals, all entertainment in the hotel and all your drinks are included in the holiday price so everything you need during your sun holiday is included in the holiday price.

The concept has really taken off as it allows families to budget for holidays from Ireland, no more expensive shocks when you go to check out and realise that those drinks and ice reams by the pool really were very expensive. It’s great for anyone who wants to be able to set the budget for their sun holiday upfront and the only thing you’ll need cash for are postcards and prezzies!

What’s the catch?

Drinks are generally locally branded, locally produced and water sports, if included, usually means non-motorised water sports. Bar times are set and usually close at 11 or 12pm. Meals are usually buffet style but that suits most people when on holidays as they eat as little or as much as they like and also pick exactly what they fancy.

Tips to get the best from cheap All Inclusive Package Holidays

Make sure the property is large and has plenty of facilities as you are going to spend almost the entire sun holiday there. Check out the usual travel review websites to get the most up to date feedback on how other people have enjoyed their holidays from Ireland there.

All Inclusive holidays are not the solution for all destinations; some parts of Spain and the islands have really taken to all-inclusive package holidays whilst Portugal has not. If you prefer to be out and about during the day and want to dine in different restaurants every night then an all-inclusive package holiday may not be for you. However, some locations are ideally suited to the all-inclusive concept as there are not many restaurants and bars in the immediate area.

The higher the standard of the property and the more facilities on offer, the better the holiday will be.

You can now upgrade from B&B or Half Board to All Inclusive online, it could save you a lot on your next sun holiday.

– Paul

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