5 Must See Sights in Seville

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Gold Tower in Seville

What city would you first think of for a weekend away in Spain? Barcelona? Perhaps, Madrid? Lonely Planet ranked Seville as the top city to visit in 2018 and we can why. We have five sites to see that will make you fall in love with this Andalusian city…

The Plaza España

Plaza España in Seville

The Plaza España, or ‘Venice of Seville’, was built for the 1929 Iberico-American Expo and measuring 50,000sq metres, it can be seen from around the city. Rent a small boat and row your way around its 500m canal to really take in the spectacular architecture.

The Real Alcázar of Seville

The Real Alcázar of Seville

Fan of Game of Thrones? This Spanish Palace is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but it’s also Prince Obyern Martell’s Dorne home.

Museo del Baile Flamenco

Flamenco dance in Seville

Loredana, from our Holiday Support team, says that a visit to the Museo del Baile Flamenco is an absolute must when in Seville as it’s such a vibrant part of the culture.

“This was my first flamenco and I loved every minute of it: the passion, drama and intensity conveyed by the dancers and the singers will linger on for a while”

Metropol Parasol

The Metropol Parasol is a huge 26-metre high wooden construction in  La Encarnación Square. With six parasols shaped like mushrooms, you can go up the top and walk around for unparalleled views of Seville city – definitely a place to take in the sunset!

Get lost in the city

Small side streets in Seville

Alan, one of our travel experts, found the streets of Seville to be the heart of the city. The city is completely walkable and compact so what better way to see it than meandering through the narrow streets?

“The best part of Seville is ground level, their streets and alleyways. It almost feels like you’re stepping back in time with the historic buildings”

Have you been to Seville? Let us know what your must-sees are! 

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