Your Guide to the Greek Islands

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For most, a sunny escape to the shores of a Greek Island would be a dream come true. Each of these gorgeous spots has something unique to offer, from the white-washed buildings of Santorini to the ancient acropolis in Rhodes. Read on to discover which Greek island you should visit, or plan an island-hopping trip and see all four!


A major bucket list destination, Santorini is one of the best-known and glamorous of the Greek Islands. Featuring sweeping panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and rugged cliffs, it’s no wonder why Santorini welcomes around 2 million tourists each year. Here you’ll also find the quintessential white buildings with brilliant azure domed roofs. The island of Santorini is curved, so its shape is often compared to a croissant. In fact, a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years ago created this iconic shape. Once upon a time, the island was actually round!

Where to Go in Santorini

Most of the island’s tourism is centred around two main areas. First, the islands sprawling capital, Fira, and its surrounding villages are essential to visit when in Santorini. A scenic trail lined with shops and restaurants connects Fira to the stunning settlements of Firostefani and Imerovigli. Imerovigli is actually the highest point of the volcanic cliff edge, so it’s a great spot to take in views of the island and sea. Lastly, head to the less populated northern village of Oia for an authentic and tranquil experience.


The lively, party-centre of the Greek islands, Mykonos is the place to be for the energetic and adventurous among us. The island is jam-packed with beautiful hotels, trendy restaurants, and upscale nightclubs. Mykonos’s main natural attractions are its stunning beaches. With 25 to choose from, Mykonos offers everything from happening, popular sandy beaches to serene, secluded pebbled shores.

Where to Go in Mykonos

Party-lovers visiting Mykonos can’t miss Paradise or Super Paradise Beaches, home to popular nightclubs like Paraga and Psarou. Families might prefer Elia, which is Mykonos’s longest strip of sandy beach. In addition, if you’re interested in an active holiday, beaches like Kalafatis and Platys Gialos are ideal for watersports. Aside from the beaches, Mykonos’s miniature capital, Hora, offers a wealth of culture, cuisine, and artistry to discover.


Crete, a maze of enchanting villages, spectacular scenery, and ancient relics, has something for everyone. The largest of the Greek islands, Crete was home to the first advanced society in Europe over 4000 years ago. Though it is a well-known destination, the majority of Crete has escaped mass tourism and remains pristine. Therefore, there are tons of lovely villages encapsulating Greek charm tucked into hills and mountains just waiting to be discovered.

Where to Go in Crete

When it comes to top attractions in Crete, it’s all about the history and culture on this beautiful island. The capital city of Heraklion is home to the renowned Heraklion Archeological Museum, and the incredible Knossos Bronze Age Ruins are only a short drive away. Then, explore the towering White Mountains. Mt. Ida, the tallest peak in the range, is the mythical birthplace of Zeus. For something more relaxed, head to the peaceful white sand beaches of Elafonisi.


A perfect blend of history and modern appeal, Rhodes is a popular destination in the South Aegean Sea just off the southwestern coast of Turkey. The island’s capital city, also called Rhodes, has an idyllic Old Town, which was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With plenty of buzzing nightlife, lively resorts, and chic restaurants, Rhodes offers great diversity in the kind of holiday you can spend on its sunny shores.

Where to Go in Rhodes

Rhodes town, or the island’s major city, isn’t to be missed on your trip to Rhodes. Here you can wander the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, or immerse yourself in the fascinating history of Rhodes’s past at the Archeological Museum or Palace of the Grand Master. Then, head south to the picture-perfect village of Lindos. In this gorgeous village, you can explore the expansive ancient acropolis overlooking the town and take in the authentic atmosphere.

Ready to escape to one of these fabulous islands? Or fancy seeing all at once on an epic tour?

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