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With the cost of living rising for everyone, getting away on a family holiday has never been more value driven. When planning a normal sun holiday for example, you have to consider your holiday booking price and then nearer the time, your spending money for all your meals, activities and excursions. However, when you book a cruise holiday, the majority of your holiday expense is included in the price of your package meaning that once your holiday is paid off, all you have to do is look forward to jetting off! If you are planning your next family holiday and are value conscious, here are our top 10 reasons why cruise holidays are great for families.

1. No one will ever be bored!

One of the best things about cruising is that you will never be bored on board! Cruise ships today are jam packed with so much for families to enjoy no matter the age group. With water slides, bowling, rope courses, go-karting and even bumper cars, your family will be spoilt for choice, every single day. Each cruise line also offers fantastic kids clubs on board which are broken down into individual spaces depending on age. This ensures that the entertainment and activities they enjoy during their time in the kid’s club, will be age appropriate and fun. Some of the cruise lines also partner with specific brands for their kids club such as LEGO on MSC Cruises and the Discovery Channel on Princess Cruises. And, if all that is not enough to keep the kids occupied, you will also find crazy golf, basketball courts, ping pong tables and more fun areas on board some ships.  

2. Enjoy Epic Experiences Everyday

No holiday will offer you so many epic experiences in one trip. Whether that is climbing waterfalls in the Caribbean, relaxing on a private island, trying your hand at rafting, testing thrills at a theme park or exploring a local souk, each port of call will give you the chance to immerse yourself in ways you never thought you would. These epic experiences that await you are what make Cruise holidays the ultimate memory makers.

3. Experience a variety of Cultures in one Holiday

When you are on a cruise holiday, you get to wake up somewhere new everyday and for your family to experience this, is just amazing. From historical Mediterranean cities to quaint Caribbean islands and vast Alaskan glaciers, you can really give your family a taste of the world by choosing to cruise. There are hundreds of itineraries to choose from each year, all over the world and all are impressive. No two experiences will ever be the same so if even if you are a repeat cruiser, visiting some of the same ports of call as before, you will find so much to do that you haven’t yet done.

4. Fussy Eaters in the Family? They will love Cruise Ship Dining!

Another wonderful thing about cruises is that all your meals and snacks on board are included in the price you paid for your holiday. When we translate this to actually being on board the ship, it equals huge variety and choice. Buffets on board cruise ships are always hugely popular with families as they offer such a huge array of cuisine options from all over the world. Whether your kids love tacos, stir fries, plain bread and butter or maybe some chips or salad, they will have something for them in the buffet at each meal. The desserts are also impressive at the buffet, and of course, we recommend you try them all!

The main dining room will also change its menu every night so you are always guaranteed to have something you or your family members will like. If you fancy something a little more special, each cruise ship will also feature speciality restaurants on board. These do come at an additional charge, but they are great if you fancy a more intimate dining experience.

5. Cruises encourage you to step outside of your Comfort Zone

While you will have plenty of opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone in some of the ports of call you visit, many ships often give you the chance to do this on board too! From skydiving and rock climbing with Royal Caribbean to rope courses and walking the plank with Norwegian Cruise Line, to ziplining and making a splash on some waterslides with MSC Cruises, stepping outside of your comfort zone is a must. These thrilling features that are now heavily present on a lot of new ships really do bring families together to laugh, maybe cry (lol) and have some good adrenaline fuelled fun together! Some activities on cruises do come with a small fee but most are free to enjoy throughout the duration of your trip.

6. Everything is close by on a Ship

Another great benefit of cruising is that everything is close at hand. Cruise ships are often referred to as floating resorts and this is certainly true. Having all your dining, entertainment, activities and your accommodation all within walking distance of each other is a huge perk of cruising. And then, when in port, your next destination is often just steps away.

7. You have a huge array of Accommodation Choice

Cruise ships offer such a huge variety of accommodation options meaning they have something to suit every type of family. From budget friendly interior cabins to vast, two-story luxury suites, there is an accommodation option for you on every cruise ship. If you are a larger family, it is also possible to get interconnecting cabins which would give you more space.

8. There is lots on board for Parents to enjoy too

If your kiddies are taken care of in the kid’s club, or you are escaping for some well-deserved alone time, there are lots of ways you can enjoy your free time. Why not head to the on-board spa for a massage or you could grab a coffee and relax in one of the many indoor or outdoor lounging areas. On board some ships, there will also be adult only pool areas such as the Solarium on select Royal Caribbean ships, which is an oasis in itself with comfy sun loungers and Jacuzzis. In the atrium or promenade area of your ship you will also find plenty of shops to treat yourself too.

9. Excellent Entertainment Choices the whole Family can enjoy

Cruise lines know how to entertain. From pool parties to character parades and even fireworks from time to time, you never know what wonderful delights you will get to enjoy on your cruise holiday with your family. Cruise lines are also famous for their amazing Broadway style shows and some also offer ice-skating performances, acrobatic performances and even Cirque Du Soleil – hello MSC Cruises!

10. Cruises are Excellent Value for Money

From the nine points above, it is easy to see why cruises are excellent value for money. Every cruise you book with Click&Go includes your flights, your cruise, all meals and snacks on board and your entertainment. You can even add on your drinks package before you travel, as well as excursions and speciality dining. Where possible we recommend you do this before you travel as it is often better value to pre-book as much as you can. That means that once you get going, minimal spending money is required, and you can relax on your much deserved holiday.

Which Cruise Lines are best for Families?

The majority of cruise lines welcome families but there are a couple who knock it out of the park when it comes to catering for families! These are Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Princess Cruises. Choosing which is right for you can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time cruiser but that is where we are here to help! For more information on cruise holidays, check out our dedicated landing pages here or alternatively, you can contact our cruise experts on 01-6995329.

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