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Cheap Holidays 2015: Now with a one euro deposit

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Book your 2015 holiday with a super low deposit of just €1

Cheap Holidays 2015 - Book now with a €1 deposit!In a recent blog post we advised that you could save an average of 16% on your summer sun holiday by booking in December or January. The one obvious down side of this is that you end up paying towards a holiday now that you won’t get to enjoy for months.

We realise that forking out for a summer holiday months in advance can be difficult, but we don’t want you to miss out on all the great deals on offer. Well, at ClickandGo we came up with a plan to help. Now you can book your holidays with us with a deposit of just €1 (yes, one) per person! That way you can avail of the cheap 2015 holidays on offer now, but not worry about paying until later in the year.

Tell me more

This offer applies to city break and sun holidays to anywhere in Europe and the Canary Islands, using Aer Lingus flights, booked with ClickandGo at least 10 weeks in advance of travel. The duration and cost of the holiday and the price of the flights don’t matter – we’ll still only ask for €1 per person. Note that other holiday providers who promote low deposits, require you to pay your deposit plus the full price of your flights up front and in full (read their small print!)

Now, just as there’s no such thing as a free lunch, there’s no such thing as a free holiday, and once you pay your deposit you will be liable for the full cost of your holiday (but not just yet). You’ll find our full terms and conditions here, but basically:

  • Pay €1 per person now;
  • Pay a second deposit of €150 per person four weeks later;
  • Pay the final balance 10 weeks prior to the date of departure.

And to further assist you budget for your travels, you can pay off your holiday in instalments (as much, little or often as you like) online or simply by giving us a call.

Too good to be true?

No, just a great deal to make it easier for you  to budget for your holidays and take advantage of the great holiday prices now available. So have a look around see what’s on offer and see how little you have to pay!

Liam Murphy

Sales & Marketing Manager at ClickandGo Holidays
Liam is a frequent contributor to the ClickandGo Travel Blog and is rapidly becoming acquainted with the joys of travelling with toddlers.

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