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Last Minute Holiday Deals

Sun, City & USA Holidays 

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When are the best holiday deals?

Holiday deals are always easy to find at Click&Go Holidays. From sun holiday deals to cruise deals, from late holiday deals to cheap holiday deals you’ll find what you’re looking for at Click&Go Holidays. To make it easier for you to find your preferred holiday deal, Click&Go Holidays combine all scheduled flights out of Ireland, with hand-picked quality accommodation and combine them on your preferred departure and return dates. You are in complete control of pulling in the best holidays deals available across Europe. You’ll also find the best family holiday deals at your fingertips.

Holiday deals with flights included

The best holiday deals are wherever you want to go to. Last minute holiday deals are not what they used to be! We’re no longer in the charter flight era where last minute seats had to sell regardless of the cost they sold at. Today everything on the Click&Go Holidays website is dynamically packaged. That means real time pricing across airlines, accommodation and transfer providers. When you’re looking to discover the best last minute holidays you need the best technology behind you. That’s what Click&Go Holidays do, we make it easy for you to find the best holidays deals at the last minute, even in today’s fast moving world.

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