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Looking for cheap holidays from Dublin? Fly from Belfast!

We seem to be heading back to the ’80s for lots of inspirations this year – bigger hair is back, brighter neon fashion is all over the catwalk, and now it looks like we might be doing the same when it comes to cheap holidays.

In the ’80s foreign holiday prices from Belfast were often much lower than from Dublin and people travelled up North to depart to catch the rays. Well, it looks this may be on the cards again!

The sun holiday market from Northern Ireland is very sluggish at the moment and airlines are offering great cheap holidays on certain dates and certain routes from Belfast. With people trying to get the best value for money for their summer break, we may see more people heading north again to get away to the sun.

For example, has a holiday in May from Dublin to Majorca for €436 per person (including Aer Lingus flights, transfers and self-catering accommodation for 7 nights). The exact same holiday from Belfast (on the same date, with Aer Lingus flights and in the same accommodation) costs just €283 per person ( ie £241 at an exchange rate of approx. 0.85).

That’s a saving of over €300 for a couple going on holiday in Majorca! *

This is simply is a matter of supply and demand. Holidays sales from Northern Ireland are weak relative to those from the Republic, so airlines are offering fantastic value on holidays from Belfast. And we’re not the only ones noticing this trend. A report entitled “Holidaymakers can save €140 each by flying from North” recently appeared in the Irish Independent.

Cheap holidays from DublinFlying from Belfast City Airport is a reasonably convenient option for someone living north of Dublin. Drive time from Dublin city is less than 2 hours and there are also great rail and bus connections, so even with travel up to Belfast, you can still save on the price of your holiday.

It might not be suitable for everyone, but it’s definitely an option worth considering if you are within striking distance of Belfast and want to make some holiday savings. And as offers holidays from Dublin and Belfast (as well as Cork and Shannon), you can easily compare the same holiday from different airports on our website before deciding which route is best for you.

So, if you’re looking for a cheap holiday from Dublin, fly from Belfast!

*Prices correct as of 15 April 2013.

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