As the winter chill sets in, the Algarve emerges as a captivating haven for those seeking a break from the cold. While renowned for its summer allure, this sun-kissed destination beckons travellers with its mild climate, exceptional value, and a serene ambience that thrives during the off-peak season. Join us as we explore the top eight reasons why the Algarve is evolving into a brilliant winter sun destination

1. Surfing & Water sports

surfing in the algarve

The Algarve is the ideal surf spot even in the winter. There are so many great beaches to choose from that are all perfect for surfing. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, grab a wetsuit and take some surf lessons! There are also so many more water sports to try out. From Dolphin watching to paddle boarding, the Algarve provides the ideal background for winter activities.

2. Hiking

Benagil beach the algarve

Winter is the perfect time to explore some of the Algarve’s fantastic hiking trails. The weather is much milder making it far more enjoyable. There are so many routes to choose from the coastal ones being the most beautiful. The Seven Hanging Valleys Trail is very popular and its much quieter during the winter. Explore beautiful beaches, cliffs, stunning views, and the famous Benagil Beach with its unique arch and sea cave.

3. Explore the towns

 Carvoeiro town in the algarve

Winter in the Algarve Is the ideal time to properly explore! Visit some of the beautiful towns that you may not usually have been able to see. Lagos is one of the most popular with its cobbled streets and stunning beaches. Tavira which you may not have heard of is a beautiful quaint fishing village that is a must visit! Enjoy views from the castle on the hill, explore the area, and enjoy some delicious seafood. Carvoeiro is also a stunning town worth exploring with its whitewashed buildings and beautiful beach.

4. Spa Days


Embrace the tranquillity of the Algarve with on-site spa facilities that promise a retreat for the senses. Whether the weather calls for indoor relaxation or you simply crave pampering, the hotels in the Algarve boast an array of spa offerings. Treat yourself to a selection of rejuvenating treatments, heated indoor pools, and thalassotherapy experiences, ensuring that your holiday is not just a getaway but a holistic escape.

5. Carnival

carnival in the algarve
photo by johanna on unsplash

February is the month of Carnival in the Algarve! This is such a special and unique time to visit. Carnival transforms the whole place especially in the towns of Loulé, Silves, and even Albufeira! Loulé holds the biggest celebration with music, dancing, and parades! The town comes to live at this time of year and is a must visit. You can enjoy three days of celebrations in any one of these towns. From parties to live music this is an incredible experience!

6. Amazing Value

hotel in the algarve

Discover unparalleled value as the Algarve competes with the bustling Canary Islands during the winter months. Revel in the luxury of 5-star accommodations at a fraction of the peak summer rates. The off-peak season also brings forth discounted tours and attractions, allowing savvy travellers to make the most of their budget while experiencing the charm of the Algarve.

7. Mild Climate

beach in the algarve

Escape the winter blues and embrace the warmth of the Algarve’s mild climate. A mere stone’s throw away, this enchanting destination boasts an average winter temperature of around 19°C, a stark contrast to the chilly streets of Dublin. The gift of two extra hours of daylight further enhances the allure, inviting visitors to revel in the beauty of the region under the soothing winter sun.

8. Fewer Crowds

Sunset in the Algarve

Most importantly enjoy the peacefulness of fewer crowds. Winter in the Algarve draws in much less tourists than peak months. This allows you to fully explore and enjoy the Algarve on your winter sun holiday!

If you find yourself yearning for a winter break that transcends the ordinary, the Algarve beckons with open arms. With an array of options tailored for every traveller, immerse yourself in the beauty of this winter sun destination with Click&Go Holidays.

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