Corfu is an island off the northwest coast of Greece perched in the Ionian Sea. It’s extremely close to mainland Greece and the country of Albania and is the most popular of the Ionian island chain, ranked as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2007. A blend of Venetian, French, and British aspects influence its intrinsically Greek culture as it spent significant time under each rule before joining Greece in the 1860s. 

Corfu’s shore lines and its hilly terrain are camouflaged by pine trees, cyprus trees, and olive groves. The lush interior is idyllic. That coupled with a pristine resort-studded coastline and a romantic capital city make for a delightful destination for your next sun holiday. 

Things to do in Corfu

Hiking – Ágii Déka Mountain


The mountain is located on the southern part of the island and its summit reaches a height of over 570 meters. The climb is absolutely breathtaking and the views it offers are just amazing. Hike past some cute villages and be enamored by their charm and Venetian architecture. You can see everything from the top: from cities to the old fortresses and out across the water. 

Hiking – Corfu Trail


It would require 8-10 days to do the entire 220 km Corfu Trail. But a chance to walk even a little bit of the trail will not disappoint. On this trail, you walk through every landscape the island has to offer – from beaches and dunes to olive groves. Every twist and turn of the trail provides something new and interesting. However, the highlight is the ruined monastery of Panagía Arkoudíla.

Explore Corfu (Kérkyra) Old Town

Corfu Old Town is the setting of a storybook. Its Venetian-style pastel-coloured buildings and winding intimate streets make a beautiful backdrop for a nice stroll. The city is flanked by two giant Venetian fortresses that are absolutely worth a visit. The first is Néo Froúrio, a beautifully constructed fortress which offers panoramic views of the city. Similarly, to the east is 
Paleó Froúrio which sits above the bay. It contains a collection of Byzantine art redeemed from around the island. The Palace of St. Michael and St. George is also a superb building, originally serving as the High Commissioner’s residence. 

Sidári Rock formations


Sandstone cliffs have been eroded by the forces of wind and water into arching and sweeping shapes in the northwest of the island. However, the most famous of the formations is the Canal d’Amour, otherwise known as Kanáli tis Agápis in Greek. Legend has it that if you swim the channel then you will gain the object of your affection. 

Go scuba-diving

Corfu is one of the very best scuba diving locations in all of Greece, so if you’re up for it, it’s a must-do. Its reputation for diving is almost second to none and the best dive sites are around Paleokastrítsa and the northeast coast. 

Go on an Olive Oil Tasting Tour 

The verdant interior of the island is covered in olive groves. The 4 million olive trees provide one of the most intrinsically Greek export – olive oil. Olive oil is a product intimately connected to the diet and traditions of the island and the people. Show your appreciation and learn a bit about the history of the trade by doing a tasting or tour. 

Where to Stay

5* MarBella Corfu

MarBella Corfu is a 5* accommodation in Aghios Ioannis, an area on the east coast of the island. It’s in a privileged hillside location and the amenities are simply excellent.

It is the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury. From the array of swimming pools to the outdoor terraces, gardens, and lovely dining options, this hotel is absolutely deserving of its 5* rating. 

4* Cnic Paleo Art Noveau

The doors of this hotel were reopened in 2015 after some serious renovations. Those updates coupled with its hillside location in Paleokastritsa on the west side of the island combine for a perfect accommodation. The resort offers amazing pebble beaches and stunning views. Nearby there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and mini markets to get everything you need. 

3* Island Beach Resort

Island Beach Resort is an adults-only property located in Kavos, considered the place to party in Corfu. In addition, everything you might need is on offer and all stays in the Island Beach Resort include access to Kavos’ hottest beach party, Sandstorm, during the summer months. 

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