COVID-19 Requirements for Family Holidays

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Family holidays are a huge part of what we do in Click&Go. We’re missing our trips abroad, making memories and relaxing in the sun. But, in the age of COVID-19, one thing that isn’t discussed is how families might be impacted when they can travel again. 

As those aged 45+ have begun to receive their vaccines and initiatives like the EU COVID-19 Certificate are announced, the potential for family holidays is on the horizon. As countries open up and we can safely travel again, multigenerational holidays will become a popular way for families to make up for time lost together during the pandemic.

So what will be the requirements for families to travel?

What COVID-19 tests do parents need?

Under the new EU COVID-19 Certificate, due to be officially launched across the EU in late June, adults will either need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or receive a negative PCR test result a maximum of 72hrs before departure or have recovered from COVID19

At the moment, those aged 45-69 years old are being called to register for their COVID-19 vaccine. The government is still aiming to have 80% of the adult population vaccinated with their first dose by the end of June. 

PCR tests are available at a range of other facilities such as the Tropical Medical Bureau and RocDoc. Your GP may also be able to provide a PCR test. In both places, they must be booked in advance. This must be done a maximum of 72hrs before your scheduled departure time. Turnaround on the tests can vary, but they’re usually back within 24hrs. 

In some cases, for example travelling to or through Amsterdam airport, you may need to get a rapid antigen test before your flight in addition to your PCR test. This would require arriving at the airport roughly an hour earlier than usual to get tested. 

What COVID-19 tests do children need?

Once the EU COVID-19 Certificate is in place, all children under the age of 6 will be exempt from any form of travel-related testing.

Until the EU COVID-19 Certificate is in place, children may still need to get a PCR test before departing Ireland and arriving back in the country. There are currently no plans to vaccinate those under the age of 16. Not all children are required to get a PCR test as the requirements vary from country to country. Currently, these are some examples of ages that are exempt from testing: 

  • Ireland: Children under 6 are exempt
  • Portugal: Children under 2 are exempt
  • Spain: Children under 6 are exempt
  • Greece: Children under 5 are exempt
  • Turkey: Children under 6 are exempt
  • Italy: Children under 2 are exempt
  • France: Children under 11 are exempt

How will I know what’s required for my holiday?

For the most up to date information, check the Department of Foreign Affairs. Choose your destination country and you’ll find detailed information on testing (including ages for children), local measures in place and any other important information you’ll need before you depart from Ireland.  

* Information correct as of 31st May 2021


  • Does a child sged 6 need to b vacinated for ireland and spain. It says under 6 but I’m not sure if this includes children 6 and under.


    • Hi Pauline! At the moment, children aren’t being offered COVID-19 vaccines. Under the new EU COVID-19 Cert, which will be in place in July, children aged 6 and under are exempt from pre-departure PCR tests. So any child aged 7+ will need a PCR test before leaving Ireland and before arriving back in Ireland. Hope that clears it up!


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