Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Fuerteventura make up the Canary Islands. They are by far our most popular sun holiday destination once the summer ends. But what makes them so popular and perfect for an autumn or winter sun holiday? Let’s find out…

Guaranteed Sunshine

The Canary Islands, located just off the coast of Africa, enjoy a mild climate. While it can get quite hot in the peak of July, it never feels too hot – especially for those of us not used to temperatures above 30 degrees! The islands have an average year-round temperature of 21 degrees. The islands get over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, making them one of the sunniest spots in Europe. In winter, the sun rises at 7:30am and sets at 6:30pm and, in summer, sunrise is at 7:00am and sunset at 8:30pm.

Everything is Open

A lot of destinations around Europe have a very defined season, and, once it’s over, a lot of resorts close their doors. Across the Canary Islands, they stay open year-round. In fact, they’re almost as popular in winter as they are in summer. No matter which island you choose, there’ll still be a good buzz on the island and plenty of options for places to stay, drink, eat, shop and soak up some Canarian culture!

Getting Active

While we’ve all walked more in the past year than we have in our entire lives, a walk feels different when you’re surrounded by breathtaking scenery. In Tenerife, you’ll find the Canary Island’s largest national park, Teide National Park. With plenty of trails and sights to soak in, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is worth a day out. In Lanzarote, you’ll find Timanfaya National Park, with a unique, almost lunar looking landscape. There are two walking routes for you to enjoy or you can tour the park by camel or by bus. 

Or Take it Slow

A sun holiday is about relaxation so if exploring nature isn’t for you, an autumnal visit is an ideal time to slow down and enjoy the food and culture of the Canary Islands. If you enjoy fine wines, there are over 10 appellations spread across the islands, with one in Lanzarote and Tenerife boasting five important grape growing zones. If trying local food is more your thing, try some dishes like papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) dipped in the traditional mojo sauce, vieja al horno (baked fish), lapas con mojo (limpets) or cabrito asado (roast kid). Or you can enjoy some culture at Lanzarote’s Jameos del Agua, Fuerteventura’s Mirador de la Peña or learn about ancient inhabitants on an archaeological tour of Gran Canaria. 

Serene Beaches

Although the Canaries are popular year-round, by visiting in the autumn months, you’ll feel like the beach is your own. As the families return home for the start of the school year, the beaches become a lot quieter. From black sand beaches on Tenerife island to the golden sands of Lanzarote and Gran Canaria, you’ll have an endless number of spectacular beaches to stroll along and swim in. From August to October, you’ll be able to really enjoy swimming in the sea as this is when the water is at its warmest. 

Good Deals

Whether it’s flights or accommodation, you’ll find amazing deals to the Canary Islands in the autumn months. As summer and winter are the busiest seasons, for autumn, you’ll get cheaper rates. At Click&Go, we’re the official holiday partner to Aer Lingus so we get exclusive prices and can pass the great savings to you. We also know each island like the back of our hands and have built up excellent relationships with hotels and resorts across the islands. If you need advice on where to stay or insight into where you’ll get the best value for money, we’re here to help.