If you are planning your first trip to Disneyland Paris and you don’t know where to start with choosing the best hotel for your holiday, you have come to the right place! We are sure you have heard about staying onsite versus offsite from those who have been, but truly what are the differences and what are the key hotels you should consider when you are planning your own holiday? Our team are experts on all things Disneyland Paris and in this blog post, we want to help you plan your first visit in a way that simplifies where you should and could stay on your trip. This is our guide on the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris.

What is the difference between staying onsite and offsite at Disneyland Paris?

For those who may be unsure, staying offsite simply means that you are not staying in an official Disney hotel at the theme parks, but rather in a hotel that is located close to the parks. Offsite hotels can be a better option for those on a budget, those who require more beds/rooms if your family is larger and those who prefer to have self-catering facilities during their trip versus just a hotel room.  Staying offsite is also preferred by those who plan to see and do more on their holiday outside of visiting the theme parks themselves, such as a day trip to Paris or perhaps at the nearby shopping outlet and mall.

Another key differentiator between onsite and offsite hotel choosing, is the park tickets. When you stay onsite in an official Disney hotel, your park passes are automatically included in the cost of your holiday for your entire stay. And, when you stay offsite, you get to choose what days you want to visit the Disney parks and just book and pay for passes on those days only.

Disneyland Paris Hotels – Onsite Official Disney Hotels

If you would like to have the Disneyland Paris theme parks on your doorstep and within walking distance, staying onsite in one of the official Disneyland Paris hotels may be the best option for you. At Disneyland Paris, there is a hotel to suit every type of holidaymaker and budget. For those on a budget, Disney’s 2* Santa Fe Hotel is a great lead-in Disney hotel that will give you a comfortable, clean stay in a Cars themed room. The hotel offers a shuttle service to the parks like all Disney on-site hotels, but you can also easily walk to the parks from here and it will take about 15 minutes. Right next door, you will find Disney’s 3* Cheyenne Hotel, a Toy Story themed hotel that will transport you right into the heart of a wild west town! This hotel is also a short 15-minute walk to the park, and you could even do it in ten minutes if you are speedy on your feet!

If you prefer to be a little closer to the action, Disney’s 3* Sequoia Lodge Hotel is a very popular Disney hotel that is located on the lakefront beside Disney Village – an area packed with restaurants for all budgets and great shopping. This gorgeous, woodland hotel is Bambi themed and will transport you to a mountain resort with its quaint décor, warm, welcoming atmosphere, and its stunning forest surroundings. The theme parks are a short 10-minute walk from Sequoia Lodge, with Disney Village just across the lake and about five minutes stroll from the hotel. Disney’s Sequoia Lodge also has an onsite indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

For those who prefer a 4* hotel, there are two great options at Disneyland Paris. Disney’s 4* Newport Bay Club is one of the most popular hotels for Irish holidaymakers visiting Disneyland Paris and this impressive, nautical themed hotel, like Disney’s Sequoia Lodge, sits on the lake next to Disney Village. The hotel also has an indoor/outdoor swimming pool for those more relaxing moments during your trip.

If you favour a hotel that is contemporary and modern in style and you want to splash out for your trip, check out Disney’s 4* Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel. This hotel was recently renovated and transports guests into the realm of superheroes and all things Marvel. It is a short 2–3-minute stroll to Disney Village and less than ten minutes’ walk to the parks. Like both the Sequoia Lodge and the Newport Bay Club, this hotel features an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

Lastly, for the most enchanting of stays, the 5* Disneyland Hotel which is reopening this January 2024, is Disney’s flagship hotel for Disneyland Paris. Enter a world of royalty at this hotel and live like a true prince or princess. This hotel is the nearest hotel to the Disney parks and in fact, it is part of the iconic entrance to the main Disneyland Park as it sits atop of the entrance.

It is also important to note that when you choose to stay in an official Disney hotel, you get some extra benefits. Firstly, you get early park entry into both parks before the general public. Each hotel also offers complimentary bus transportation to and from the parks. And, when you book an onsite Disney hotel, your park tickets are automatically included in the cost of your holiday for the entire duration of your trip. Staying onsite also means you are immersed in the magic of Disney for the entire duration of your holiday so you never know what Disney characters you might bump into around your hotel!

Val De France Hotels – Offsite Option One

Val De France is one of the most popular areas for visitors to stay near Disneyland Paris, if you choose to stay offsite. Located a short 10–15-minute drive to the parks, the Val De France area is home to some of the most popular off-site hotels for Irish holidaymakers. In terms of two- and three-star hotels, you will find the 3* Explorers Hotel, the 3* Campanile Val De France Hotel and the 2* B&B Hotel in this area. But our recommended hotels in this area are the 4* Dream Castle Hotel and the 4* Grand Magic Hotel. Both of these hotels have had recent renovations and offer a more high-end hotel experience at a great, budget friendly price. Dream Castle is ideal for those who enjoy understated luxury while the Grand Magic will transport you to another world with its immersive theming throughout. Both of these hotels have indoor pools, while the Dream Castle also has an outdoor pool, set amongst its stunning French manicured gardens. The 3* Explorers Hotel, another popular option in this area also has a pool and is popular with Irish holidaymakers.

And while Val De France is just minutes from Disney and home to such popular hotels, it is important to note that there is not much else in this area. Each of the hotels have dining options and amenities on-site and the bustling area of Val D’Europe is a short uber or taxi ride away (approximately 15 minutes’ drive) if you wish to shop and enjoy an evening meal out away from the bubble of Disney.

Val D’Europe Hotels – Offsite Option Two

Val D’Europe is a true hidden gem for all it offers as an area to stay. This gorgeous town is Parisian inspired and home to fantastic accommodation options but also excellent shopping, dining, and nightlife. If you want to visit Disneyland Paris, but you also want a city break feel, Val D’Europe could be the area for you. Built around a gorgeous square, which has numerous bars and restaurants to enjoy, Val D’Europe is a bustling town that’s a short 10-minute drive to Disney or just one 2–3-minute train stop away! You will also find a huge shopping centre here, which has a large Primark and a large supermarket here as well as plenty of high street stores. Right next door, you also have La Vallee Village, an outlet shopping centre that is jam packed with high-end stores offering goods at a fraction of their normal cost.

Accommodation choices in this area offer apartments as well as standard hotel rooms. And, with the supermarket just steps away from them all, you can easily stock up your fridge and have plenty of snacks and food at your fingertips if this type of accommodation is more your style. Some of our top recommendations on where to stay in Val D’Europe includes the 3* Adagio Serris Val D’Europe which is a three-star hotel that offers a four-star standard stay. The hotels also has an outdoor swimming pool onsite. The 3* Moxy Paris Val D’Europe is a newer hotel to this area and opened in 2022. This hotel is funky, modern and makes great use of colour throughout. For those wanting a more high-end hotel stay, check out the 4* Relais Spa Chessy Val D’Europe, a fantastic hotel with comfortable, modern rooms, excellent customer service and an indoor pool and spa.

Additional hotels you will find in this area include the 3* Adagio Marne La Vallee Val D’Europe, the 4* Residome Val D’Europe and the 4* Hotel L’Elysee Val D’Europe.

Staycity Aparthotel near Disneyland Paris

Another popular place to stay near Disneyland Paris is the 4* Staycity Aparthotel near Disneyland Paris, an Irish owned accommodation option that is located in the Marne La Vallee area which is approximately 15 minutes by car to the Disney parks. This is a modern accommodation option with apartments that can suit larger families. It is located alongside a lake and has an outdoor pool as well as a complimentary shuttle that runs to and from the parks during peak times in the mornings and evenings. It is important to note that outside of this hotel, there is not much to do, though like Val De France, the area of Val D’Europe is a 15 minute taxi or Uber drive away.

So, there you have it, a quick guide to the best places to stay near Disneyland Paris. We know planning a trip to this magical theme park destination can be daunting, especially if it is your first time visiting, but our team of Disney experts who know Disneyland Paris inside out are here seven days a week to help you plan the trip you and your family have always dreamed of. For more information on a trip to Disneyland Paris, or where to stay, contact our five-star holiday experts seven days a week on 01-6995329. Alternatively, learn more about Disneyland Paris on our website.