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What is the Think Customer Award?

Every month, all Click&Go employees have the opportunity to nominate a colleague they believe deserves special recognition for their hard work and dedication to upholding the company’s core values.

At Click&Go, we strive to be forward-thinking, human, responsible, and happy in order to best help our clients book straightforward, stress-free, and great-value holidays. Each winner of the Think Customer Award shows passion for improving Click&Go through their unique contributions.

IT/Development Team Winners

In the past year since the Think Customer Award tradition began, five individuals from the IT/Development Team have been recognised for their work. Each winner showed outstanding work ethic and commitment to Click&Go’s core values.

Jesús Ramos — Software Development Manager

As the manager of the IT Team, Jesús takes on an enormous responsibility that doesn’t go unnoticed by his colleagues. He’s “always working to improve the website,” but also helps with problems that arise from many different teams across the company. In his nominations, Jesús’s colleagues appreciate that “no matter how big or small the issue he is asked to fix, he completes it quickly and always efficiently.” They also value his attitude at work, calling him “an extremely positive member of staff, obliging, helpful and always smiling.”

María Castejón — Front-end Developer

María’s colleagues describe her as “a joy to work with,” and especially value her “creative ideas” and willingness to rise to any challenge. Not only does María have inventive ideas for how to improve the front end of the website, but “the implementation is smooth and so quick!” When Click&Go were still in the process of hiring a UX/UI Designer, María “took on the responsibility” and was able to complete new projects on time and successfully.

Ángel Redondo — IT Developer

In his nominations, Ángel is described as “very helpful, reliable, and pleasant to deal with.” When faced with a task, no matter how difficult, Ángel approaches it as though “nothing is ever impossible; he will always find a workaround.” Ángel’s colleagues appreciate that “no matter how busy IT is, he will always take time and fix any error” other departments come across. Overall, his colleagues are grateful that “there’s someone like Ángel you can rely on when you urgently need help.”

Osama Altalabani — Software QA Engineer

Osama’s nominations describe him as “approachable and easy to talk with, even if he’s under pressure.” Many appreciate that he is “helpful and conscientious, always looking to fix problems before they happen.” Osama’s colleagues also respect his role in the company, as “a critical job as the last line of defence before we push new functionality into the real world. It’s a hugely important role and often an unsung one.” With their words of praise, Osama’s colleagues ensured that his contributions did not go unnoticed!

Rafael de Souza Cavalcante — Lead Web Developer

Rafael was commended by his colleagues for his innovative ideas and leadership. In his nominations, his colleagues observed that “he is always searching for new approaches for improving what we have, applying new technologies, and willing to face new challenges.” When IT had a huge project to tackle in December, “Rafael really seemed to bring the team together and move the project forward with solution-based thinking.” As an “approachable, supportive, and happy” member of the team, Rafael is well-respected among his colleagues.

The Think Customer Award enables Click&Go employees to support one another, learn about their fellow colleagues’ contributions, and celebrate the importance of each and everyone on the team. Stay tuned to our blog to read more about the winners from the other teams at Click&Go!