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Did you go on camping holidays as a child? Recreate those memories with your family this summer with our new partnership with KelAir Campotel. We have 10 handpicked resorts to choose from across France and Spain. Each one is designed to cater to every need a family may have with multiple swimming pools, activities galore, bars, restaurants, water slides, 24 hour support and more!

What’s included in a family camping holiday?

  • Return flights from Dublin, Cork or Shannon
  • 2 or 3 bedroom mobile home with wooden deck
  • Bar, restaurant and takeaway on-site
  • Resident KelAir Campotel couriers on site to help you


Locations in France

La Yole, Le Pin Parasol, Les Genets, Séquoia Parc, Sylvamar, La Siréne, L’Hippocamp


Locations in Spain

Castell Mongrí, Cypsela, Vilanova Park, Playa Montroig


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