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Destinations / Spain / Ibiza

With holidays in Ibiza, nature, culture and fun galore await you by day and by night.

Summer 2017 holidays are now on sale! Remember you can secure great prices with just €1pp deposit today!

We offer travel deals to Ibiza TownPlaya d'en BossaSan AntonioCala LlenyaEs CanaFigueretasPuerto de San MiguelTalamancaSanta EulaliaSanta Eulalia del Rio. Or choose from our offers below: 

Holidays in Ibiza - another little island gem off the coast of Spain. Ibiza is like the baby sister of the Balearic group. Tiny, sweet and ultra pretty, Ibiza has a reputation for attracting jetsetters and all round beautiful people! For fabulous fun in the sun, Ibiza is hard to beat. 

All our Ibiza package holidays include Aer Lingus flights, accommodation and transfers so search online now!Build your own Ibiza package holidays and you'll find great hotels in many resorts, even Ibiza town holidays. 


Our Resorts in Ibiza

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Our Travel Experts Say

Figueretas Ibiza

Laid back and lively seem like a contradiction, however, Figueretas manages to be both at the same…

Cala Llenya Ibiza

Cala Lleyna holidays are the antithesis of stress. Recommended for the ultimate chill-out, Cala…

Talamanca Ibiza

Another gem in the star studded crown of the island of Ibiza is the little resort of Talamanca.…

Santa Eulalia del Rio Ibiza

Santa Eulalia del Rio Holidays - More a townland than an actual resort, Santa Eulalia del Rio is a…

Santa Eulalia Ibiza

Santa Eulalia - A delightful resort on Ibiza's east coast, Santa Eulalia has earned a prestigious…

San Antonio Ibiza

Resorts in San Antonio - It's hard to elaborate on a fabled destination such as San Antonio. For…

Puerto de San Miguel Ibiza

Puerto de San Miguel Holidays - The shy and retiring opposite of sassy San Antonio, lovely Puerto…

Playa d'en Bossa Ibiza

Playa d'en Bossa Holidays - In its infancy, Playa d'en Bossa was simply a (pretty boring!)…

Ibiza Town Ibiza

An architectural gem, Ibiza Town is reminiscent of one of the peublos blancos, (white towns) more…

Es Cana Ibiza

Located on the north east coast of Ibiza, 20 km from Ibiza town, a holiday in Es Cana is a relaxing…

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