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Dubai Holidays from Ireland

Holidays in Dubai are simply amazing. Dubai is one of seven emirates, or states, which make up the country, the United Arab Emirates. Combining city, desert and beach, Dubai is a diverse destination with a lot to offer. Dubai even has golf courses to vie with the best courses in the world and has hosted many highly acclaimed tournaments. 

Above all, a holiday in Dubai is an excellent opportunity to try something new and venture beyond tried and true European destinations. The high calibre hotels in Dubai offer superb standards. In this vibrant destination you’ll find international cuisines, desert sand dunes, golf courses, racing tracks, shopping malls with high-end designer goods, and local souks to barter for gold and artisan wares.

In Dubai, you can explore the famous Palm (which allegedly is visible from space), as well as the world’s first and only 7 star hotel, Burj el Arab, where the afternoon tea is a must. Head to the dunes on a Dubai desert safari or experience Dubai activities such as the famous Dubai indoor ski slope or Wild Wadi Water Park. The possibilities are endless in this exciting, one-of-a-kind destination.

Important Information:

During the month of Ramadan (5th May to 4th June 2019) many residents in Dubai will fast during the day. As such, services in all hotels will be restricted from sunrise to sunset, including food, drink and entertainment. Tourists are asked to dress modestly and avoid eating and drinking in public areas. Speak to our travel consultants for more information.

Did You Know...?

Did you know?

Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Did you know?

There are ATMs in Dubai which dispense real gold bars.

Did you know?

The interior of the Burj al Arab Hotel is covered 24 carat gold leaf

Dubai Airport Transfers & Weather


Dubai International Airport (DXB)


There are frequent buses connecting the airport to Dubai city centre. The journey takes about an hour, and costs about €1 per one way ticket.


There is also a convenient underground metro into the city. The red line metro will take you into Dubai city centre and costs about  €1. The journey would take approximately 40 minutes.


A private transfer would cost about €25 and take 25 minutes to reach the city centre from the airport.

Average temperature

high 232427323738404138353126
low 141517202426293027231916

Top Resorts in Dubai