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Sorrento Holidays

Sorrento City Breaks

Sorrento Holidays

Sorrento city breaks and holidays are unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Imagine overlooking the Mediterranean with a vantage point that gives you a unique vista, including:

  • Island of Procida
  • Gulf of Naples
  • Mt Vesuvius

You can choose a range of package holidays to Sorrento that suit your budget. Fly into Naples on any scheduled flight and get a transfer up to Sorrento. The transfer takes about 1 hr 30 mins. The distance is 52 kms and all transfers are private.

The Sorrento region is famous for it’s mild climate with the Sorrento holiday season running from April until October. The people who live in and around Sorrento are well know for their hospitality and friendly welcome. You'll find great value last minute holidays to Sorrento from Click&Go.

Sorrento - Did you know?

Did you know?

Sorrento gets it name from the mythologial Greek Sirens 

Did you know?

Sorrento is the home of Limoncello!

Did you know?

Sorrento has many archaeological sites to discover

Did you know?

Gnocchi "Sorrento style" is mouthwatering

Package holidays to Sorrento

What can you expect once you arrive in Sorrento? At the centre of Sorrento is the Piazza Tasso. Surrounded by restaurants and the hustle and bustle of a busy holiday town. Take a seat at the Fauno bar or Bar Erolano and watch the world go by.

You can easily get lost in the side streets that span out from the Piazza Tasso but you'll find you're never far from a cafe or restaurant. Take a walk towards the beach and pass by the Piazza della Vittoria, where you'll find the remains of a temple built by the Romans deadicated to Venus.

You can further explore the old town of Sorrento on your holidays but make sure you check out the Museo Correale di Terranova and the faboulas art collection. Explore three centuries of masterpieces and in the villa's halls look out for the clock collection, it's different!

Piazza Tasso Sorrento

Fauno bar Piazza Tasso Sorrento

Piazza della Vittoria

Museo Correale di Terranova

Sorrento Holidays

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Sorrento Holidays - Things to do!

Tips for a great holiday in Sorrento

Amalfi Coast Full-Day Trip - From Naples

Amalfi Coast Full-Day Trip - From Sorrento

Capri boat trip with visit to the Blue Grotto - from Sorrento

There are plenty of distracting to enjoy while on your cheap holidays to Sorrento. Enjoy the stunning beauty of Italy's most talked about coastline.  Take in the beautifully scenic towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

While on your package holiday to Sorrento make sure you don't miss the Blue Grotto and the many secluded beaches and small villages along the way. Explore the manay shops and resturants and while away a lazy afternoon overlook a breathtaking Mediterranean.

If you're looking for last minute holidays to Sorrento that include flights, accommodation and transfers, or simply the best package holidays, you'll find everything at Click&Go. Sorrento breaks are a speciality for the award winning online travel agency.

Last minute holidays to Sorrento

Grand Hotel Capodimonte Sorrento

Grand Hotel La Favorita

Grand Hotel Royal Sorrento

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