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What is Autism?

Autism can affect the way a person thinks, communicates, interacts, and experiences the world around them. Autism is referred to as a spectrum, and it affects different people in different ways.

Common Characteristics that Autistic People May Share:

  1. Differences in Communication Style
  2. Difficulty with Social Interactions
  3. Sensory Processing Differences
  4. Repetitive Behaviour & Special Interests 

A Broad Spectrum

It is important to note that not all of the above points will apply to every person on the spectrum. Every person has their own set of strengths and challenges.

While some Autistic people require none or very little support in their daily lives, there are those who require significant support. There are some who have co-occurring diagnoses, disabilities, or other significant care requirements. There are people with Autism who may not be able to enter the working world, may be non-verbal, may be unable to advocate for themselves, and/or may require full time residential services.

Every Autistic person is unique, should be respected, and should receive a level of support appropriate to their individual needs – in all aspects of life.

Autism Cards

The Irish Society for Autism provides Autism Cards which may be of assistance.

These cards aim to provide information to members of the public if needed, and in addition the Autism Alert Card allows for emergency contact details to be noted, should a child/person with Autism become separated from their families or care giver.

Autism Information Card


All information has been sourced from the Irish Society for Autism - https://autism.ie/

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