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Malaysia Holidays from Ireland

Holidays in Malaysia

As a holiday destination, Malaysia offers a playground that is both exotic and diverse - from the soaring sky-scrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the tropical island hideaways dotted along the west coast.  

The capital of Kuala Lumpur, or K.L., is a multi-cultural melting pot filled with an electrifying mix of modern skyscrapers, sky-bars and shopping emporiums, ancient Hindu temples guarded by tribes of macaque monkeys and a riot of colourful and cacophonous night markets.

Honeymooners flock to the tax-free haven of Langkawi, looking for a romantic island escape with luxury resorts, pristine beaches and thrilling water sports. The region of Penang offers a culinary experience like nowhere else, as well as quiet Malay fishing villages - the perfect escape when you've had your fill of the frenetic pace of city life. 

Search our website for good deals to Malaysia, including flights and accommodation and plan your exotic escape to one of the jewels of south-east Asia. 

Top Destinations in Malaysia