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Arabian Gulf

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Arabian Gulf Holidays from Ireland

The mere mention of the Arabian Gulf conjures images of exotic souks and busy bazaars, desert dunes for fabulous Jeep safaris and romantic camel treks. 
More correctly called the Persian Gulf, the area overlooks the Indian Ocean and the land comprises a conglomerate of states that form the Unites Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Oman. Many of the Arabian Gulf countries have lucrative oil wells and pockets of natural gas which fashioned the trend for mega rich locals to enjoy a fabulous lifestyle and create ultra modern cities with magnificent hotels. 

Holidays in the Arabian Gulf these days spell out vacations spent in great hotels set on pristine white sand beaches. Add in exciting day trips, brilliant shopping and boat trips in a dhow and Arabian Gulf holidays are definitely a cut above the rest. Year round sunshine guarantees holidays spent here will warm your bones even in the depth of an Irish winter!  The seas are perfect for swimming and snorkelling and coral reefs are alive with colourful marine life. 

For something that little bit out of the ordinary, the Arabian Gulf is highly recommended. Experience a totally different culture where wealth is legendary and mores and customs are very different to our own. Admire the stunning Islamic architecture where magnificent mosques with beautiful cupolas dot the landscape, modern hotels grace the skyline and the silhouette of a romantic dhow ploughing through the creek at sunset is an unforgettable sight. 


Top Destinations in Arabian Gulf