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Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali Holidays from Ireland

Holidays in Jebel Ali feature sunshine, endless stretches of pristine beaches and turquoise blue seas. Located along the renowned Jumeirah Road district of Dubai, and once the modest home of fishermen, traders and pearl divers, Jumeirah, including Jebel Ali, is now synonymous with luxury. The actual port town of Jebel Ali, 35k southwest of Dubai City, is the world's largest harbour.

Jebel Ali holidays celebrate all that is good and great in Dubai and the bounty of endless sunshine and beautiful beaches with sparkling white sand and jewel bright blue seas is simply a given every day. Hotel standards are exceptional and service is consistent and constant. Holidays in Jebel Ali are an exercise in quality and luxury and offers a superb honeymoon destination. Not just a playground for the rich and famous, Jebel Ali attracts visitors from all over the world who seek Dubai holidays in relaxing surroundings.

Enjoying the benefit of proximity to Dubai City, holidays in Jebel Ali are easily combined with some serious retail therapy in the amazing shopping malls, but it's fun also to take a trip on a traditional dhow to cross the Creek in Dubai or wander the Gold Souk.

Important Information:

During the month of Ramadan (27th May to 25th June 2017) locals will fast during the day. As such, services in all hotels will be restricted from sunrise to sunset, including food, drink and entertainment. Tourists are asked to dress modestly and avoid eating and drinking in public areas. Speak to our travel consultants for more information.

Jebel Ali Airport Transfers & Weather


Dubai International Airport (DXB)


There are frequent buses connecting the airport to Dubai city centre. The journey takes about an hour, and costs about €1 per one way ticket.


There is also a convenient underground metro into the city. The red line metro will take you into Dubai city centre and costs about  €1. The journey would take approximately 40 minutes.


A private transfer would cost about €25 and take 25 minutes to reach the city centre from the airport.

Average temperature

high 232427323738404138353126
low 141517202426293027231916