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Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach Holidays from Ireland

Jumeirah Beach stretches along the south coast of the city's historic area right to the junction with The Palm Jumeirah and the port of Jebel Ali. Jumeirah Beach is a renowned coastal area and is perhaps the most exclusive zone of Dubai City, home to fabulous hotels, stunning sugar white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and crystal waters of unimaginable blue hues. Once the modest home of fishermen, traders and pearl divers, Jumeirah, including Jebel Ali, is now synonymous with luxury. The actual port town of Jebel Ali, 35k southwest of Dubai City, is the world's largest harbour.

Holidays in Jumeirah Beach are associated with relaxing on dazzling sand beaches and availing of the absolute luxurious facilities of the marvellous hotels which dot the beachfront. This is indeed the playground of the rich. Doubtless a heavenly honeymoon destination, Jumeirah Beach hosts holiday hotels which can vie with the best in the world. Most hotels provide shuttle services to Dubai city, so sun and sand easily combine with the delights of old traditional Dubai where you can wander the souks and amble along narrow, maze-like alleyways that hark back to the tiny fishing village that once existed here. Wind towered buildings, glimpses of the Creek and the scent of spices all mingle in this traditional view of old Dubai city before you return to the luxury and privilege of the 21st century at Jumeirah Beach.

Amazing shopping malls are included in a holiday experience in Jumeirah Beach also as upmarket gifts and designer goods are all part of the Dubai experience. Dubai city has the famous Gold Souk, but the Souk Madinat inside Madinat Jumeirah Hotel even has its own waterway to ferry clients from its shops and cafes to nearby hotels.

Jumeirah Beach holidays can also offer golfing opportunities as golf has become a bit of an obsession in Dubai. There are magnificent golf courses designed by Ernie Ells, Colin Montgomerie and Tiger Woods, but tee times are always at a premium and are not cheap. So book early and enjoy a superb golfing experience in unparallelled surroundings.

Further along, Jumeirah Beach Park offers a green and lush alternative to all that sparkling white sand where there are walkways, a children's play park, kiosks and a barbecue area. Wild Wadi water park is also a great day out for splashing fun in the sun!

Palm Jumeirah is a collection of offshore islands which is one of Dubai's most audacious mega projects. Man-made (and purportedly visible from space), Palm Jumeirah is still a feat of human endeavour where the natural forces of sand and sea have been tamed to produce what is often referred to as the 8th Wonder of the World.

Jumeirah Beach holidays will astound you with the beauty of the beaches, the endless sunshine, the luxury and excess of the hotels and the trappings of wealth at every turn. 

Important Information:

During the month of Ramadan (27th May to 25th June 2017) locals will fast during the day. As such, services in all hotels will be restricted from sunrise to sunset, including food, drink and entertainment. Tourists are asked to dress modestly and avoid eating and drinking in public areas. Speak to our travel consultants for more information.

Jumeirah Beach Airport Transfers & Weather


Dubai International Airport (DXB)


There are frequent buses connecting the airport to Dubai city centre. The journey takes about an hour, and costs about €1 per one way ticket.


There is also a convenient underground metro into the city. The red line metro will take you into Dubai city centre and costs about  €1. The journey would take approximately 40 minutes.


A private transfer would cost about €25 and take 25 minutes to reach the city centre from the airport.

Average temperature

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low 141517202426293027231916