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Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles Holidays

A getaway for all ages, Playa del Ingles is crazy, glitzy and glamorous and is a holiday venue like no other. Definitely the best know of all the Canary Island group, Gran Canaria is a legend in its own lifetime! Northern Europeans have flocked to the island for years and made Gran Canaria Playa del Ingles their number one resort.

Sugar sand beaches stretch all the way from San Agustin through to Costa Meloneras and the dramatic dunes at Maspalomas were long monopolised as a naturist site by the Germans in the not so distant past. Arriving south from the airport, the area fans out in a wide arc and, particularly at nightfall, the dazzle of lights shimmers ahead like a huge illuminated crescent.

Highly cosmopolitan these days, Playa del Ingles can hold its own with the best that modern resorts offer. Grand hotels, towering apartment blocks and super slick shopping malls all fingertip the skyline. Mini oases of palm trees are interspersed with tropical greenery everywhere and riots of oleander and hibiscus spill over bungalow walls and pink and purple tendrils of bougainvillea climb bravely over flat roofs and garden trellises. Amidst all this lush and verdant foliage lies a throbbing commercial heart and many hotels in Playa del Ingles face strong competition as standards are high.

Apart from the many shopping outlets, there are endless bars, music venues, Irish pubs and lots of restaurants with every type of imaginable cuisine. Nightlife options, as one might imagine, can be wild and wacky, weird and wonderful, elegant and sophisticated and chic and trendy. In fact, Playa del Ingles can be what you want it to be! Like a chameleon, it can change its personality to suit the mood of the moment, so no wonder it is a top favourite for holidays to Gran Canaria.

Holidays in Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles Green Park - Playa del Ingles
Green Park
Playa del Ingles
05 June
7 nights
Self Catering
Flights + accom.
Playa del Ingles Sol Barbacan - Playa del Ingles
Sol Barbacan
Playa del Ingles
19 July
7 nights
Bed & Breakfast
Flights + accom.

Playa del Ingles Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Las Palmas Airport (LPA)

Distance: 32km from Las Palmas Airport to Playa del Ingles


You can get a shared shuttle from Las Palmas Airport to Playa del Ingles. This a coach transfer with multiple stops en route to your accommodation. It's the cheapest but slowest option.


You also can get a speedy shuttle from Las Palmas Airport to Playa del Ingles. This also a coach transfer but with a maximum of 4-5 stops en route to your accommodation. It costs slightly more than the shared shuttle, but is faster. 


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 202021212224252626252321
low 141415161718192121201816