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Holidays to Bergamo with Click&Go

Bergamo is a small city located 60km northeast of Milan. It’s a stunning walled city divided into two parts: the Upper Town (Città Alta) and Lower Town (Città Bassa). 

Città Alta sits atop a hill surrounded by 16th Century Venetian walls. Inside the walls, you’ll find winding cobbled streets, pretty piazzas, historic buildings and two ancient Roman roads. 

Città Bassa is the modern part of Bergamo, below the Venetian walls. It’s connected to upper Bergamo via a funicular. 

A visit to Bergamo is made for exploring. Explore the small streets and intricate churches in Città Alta. Take the funicular to Città Bassa and indulge in some retail therapy. Visit Milan and experience the grandeur of Il Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Or, Immerse yourself in the breathtaking scenery of Italy’s Lake District.

Bergamo Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Orio al Serio "Il Caravaggio" Airport


The best way to get to Bergamo is via bus. The Airport bus departs every 20 minutes and takes approx. 20 minutes to reach the city centre and 30 minutes to reach Città Alta (Upper Town). A single journey ticket costs €2.30, a 24hr ticket costs €5 or a 72hr ticket costs €7.


You can also get your own private transfer which takes approx. 15mins and costs approx. €37pp return based on 2 people sharing.

* Prices and times for transport from the airport are subject to change

Average temperature

high 8101517232528272417107
low -20461114171714930