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Short breaks to Naples- "See Naples and die" has been the motto of this wonderful city for many years. Doubtless, a city with a major split personality, Naples is at once stunningly beautiful but down at heel; historically significant but with some crumbling landmarks and it has the chic of any modern European capital but can sometimes resemble an intoxicating town that is still in the throes of development with haphazard infrastructure.

Whichever side the city presents to you, you will be enthralled and captivated. The lovely "centro storico" or historic centre has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site with churches and historic munuments numbering a huge 448, the highest number for any single city in the world. Overlooking the mesmerising Bay of Naples with a view of Mt Vesuvius, this is a symbolic image of Italy whose raw and natural beauty is unparalleled. Located in the Campania region of Italy, the coastline is stupendous with the Isle of Capri and the gorgeous Ischia Islands accessible offshore.

Further south, sleek Sorrento and uber posh Positano are well worth a visit. A must see experience is a tour of Pompeii and Herculaneum to see the fascinating remains of actual ancient towns forever petrified for posterity by the wrath of Vesuvius. As with many locations in Italy, you are never too far from delicious food in Naples and the city even invented the original pizza, the Margherita. I'm also wondering if this is the home of Neapolitan ice cream and chocolate neapolitans? Whatever, you will eat well in Naples and enjoy fresh seafood that utterly befits a coastal port town. 

Naples is a busy, heavily populated city, so traffic can often be manic. Walk around and explore on foot and you will be rewarded with historical treasures on almost every corner, coffee and people watching opportunities from Plaza Garibaldi onwards and smart shopping till your wallet is empty!


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