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Riga City Breaks

It's no wonder that city breaks to Riga appeal to those interested in grand designs, as the Latvian city is renowned for its amazing architecture (its historic centre is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site). While strolling through the streets of this eastern European hub, cast your eyes skywards to see one of the greatest collections of Art Nouveau buildings in the world.

Across the Daugava river, discover the 9th Century wooden houses in the quaint neighbourhood of Kipsala. Exquisite architectural details have been carefully preserved and new life breathed into the buildings with eco-chic restaurants, themed markets, cafes, workshops and music events setting up shop in the area.

Beneath the spacious pavilions of Riga Central Market a variety of delicious fresh farmer's produce is on offer. A short trip to Riga wouldn't be complete without sampling the local smoked fish, meats, vegetables, fruit, milk, cheese, honey, preserves and bread, or purchasing authentic handmade goods as souvenirs of your holiday.

Now we're offering cheap flights from Dublin to Riga and carefully selected accommodation to suit all budgets. Whether you long to see the summer light festival, explore the museums and art galleries or listen to classical music at the Latvian National Opera, the rich culture of Riga is waiting for you to explore on your next city break .

Did you know...?

Did you know?

Riga is Green Listed – you don’t need to quarantine upon return

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Continue to maintain proper hygiene & social distancing

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Our expert team hand-pick all our accommodation

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May, June & September are the most popular travel months


Top Reasons to Visit Riga

  • Riga's Unique Architecture

  • Latvian Culture & Cuisine 

  • Art & History in Riga

Riga's Unique Architecture

The Three Brothers

The three houses known as the Three Brothers were built right in a row, and each represent a different architectural style. The first house dates all the way back to the 15th century, the second to the 16th century, and the third to the 17th century. The Three Brothers are located in Riga’s stunning Old Town.

Art Nouveau District

With the largest and finest collection of Art Nouveau buildings in Europe, this district is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list and houses over 800 buildings dating back to the 19th and 20th century. Explore these colourful, ornate facades in the Latvian capital.

Architecture in Riga

While wandering Riga, look out for its eclectic architecture, like the black cat statue atop a roof in the Old Town. Walk through the Swedish Gate, which was built in 1698. Check out the impressive architecture of the Town Hall and the building next door, The Blackheads.

National Library of Latvia

Also called the Castle of the light, the National Library of Latvia features striking modern architecture. The library is situated on the river and is a popular site for many students to study. It’s well worth a visit!

Latvian Culture & Cuisine 

Budget food

Riga is known as one of the most affordable European cities, so you can enjoy its delicious cuisine without breaking the bank. Pop into one of the many cute cafes in Riga and try whatever your heart desires!

Central Market

The building housing Riga’s Central Market was constructed in the 1920s and repurposes German zeppelin hangars into pavilions. The market inside is daily visited by 100,000 people, doing their daily grocery shopping and perusing 3,000 trade stands.

Town musicians of Bremen

The Brothers Grimm fairy tale, “The Town Musicians of Bremen,” is about outcast farm animals who find a new home. There is a famous statue of them in Bremen, Germany. However, few people know there is another in Riga, though in a different style. Touching their faces in a certain order is supposed to bring good luck!

Art & History in Riga

Latvian National Opera and Ballet

The National Opera and Ballet building dates back to the 1863 and features beautiful neoclassical architecture. Check out the listings for when you’re in the city to get the real experience on the inside. Dress up, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Learn about Latvia’s history

Explore the museum of Occupation to learn about the occupation of Latvia from 1940-1991. Also, check out the Freedom Monument located close to the park.

Hat Museum

Want to explore truly unique attraction? Head to the Hat Museum. It started out as a private collection and then later became a museum featuring hats from all over the world.

Riga Airport Transfers & Weather


Riga International Airport


The bus into the city centre takes about 30 minutes and costs approximately €2 per journey. There is a bus stop at the airport, and buses leave every 10-15 minutes. There are multiple stops at different points once you arrive in the city.


Via private transfer, it takes about 20 minutes to get into the city centre, and costs approximately €32pp for a return transfer based on two people sharing.

* Prices and times for transport from the airport are subject to change

Average temperature

high -2-23916202120151140
low -6-7-217111313951-4

Top Tourist Attractions in Riga