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Located on the southern tip of Croatia's Istrian Riviera, holidays in Pula are the stuff of dreams. Renowned for its natural beauty, shipbuilding industry winemaking and administrative importance, the city has great historical influence. Architecturally diverse, there are surviving Roman remains of great significance with the most prominent being the Amphitheatre, dating from the 1st century, locally known simply as the Arena. A city that is in excess of 3,000 years old has a rich past and amazing cultural heritage, so holidays in Pula will equally appeal to sightseers and history fans.

Pula holidays are linked to a lovely mild climate and surrounding countryside that is both fertile and natural. Virtually unspoilt, the landscape cannot escape the shimmering waters of the Adriatic which lap at the toes of the harbour. A myriad beaches (many pebbly) with the cleanest, clearest water imaginable are dotted along the indented coastline for almost 100 miles. Some are secluded, some are deserted, some are hidden; others are full of joyful children splashing in the shallows with adults swimming and snorkelling amongst the rocks. Pula nature parks are justly famous too and these green refuges throughout are restful oases and a peaceful retreat from city life.

As the Istrian Riviera is a coastline spattered with a thousand offshore islands, a holiday to Pula should and must include a day trip (or more!) to any of these delightful local islands. Each island has a unique personality and a topography that is riddled with wooded hills, green forests and parks and surrounded by silver beaches and undiscovered inlets and pretty coves. Raw nature is present and correct.

Holidays in Pula promise vibrant nightlife options with many clubs, bars and great restaurants. For daytime pursuits that are not beach bound, there are contemporary art galleries, modern exhibitions, great shopping areas and lots of cool cafe culture for people watching. A marvellous open-air arena plays host to wonderful concerts which attract world class names. The International Film Festival, held annually, is another open-air extravaganza. Pula holidays are never boring!

At one end of lovely Pula, a little promontory is home to Punta Verudela Resort where several hotels are located. In addition, a superb leisure complex comprising tennis courts, multi-purpose sports grounds, an adventure centre with kids & teens club and an animation programme is at the disposal of hotel guests in the area.

Aer Lingus operates direct flights into Pula and we offer a selection of accommodation in the area.

Pula Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Pula Airport (PUY)

Distance: 8 km to from Pula Airport to Pula


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 781217222629272318129
low 3471014172018151385