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Holidays to Zadar, Croatia with direct flights from Dublin.

Zadar, another gem in Croatia's crown, is located right in the middle of the country, lapping the shores of the beautiful Adriatic in the up and coming area called Zadar Coast. Zadar is home to student-filled cafes, cosmopolitan restaurants and a vibrant bar scene. A holiday in Zadar also means enjoying a place of real natural beauty that still remains a little undiscovered.

Zadar is the historical and religious centre of Dalmatia and has superb remains of a Roman Forum (dating from Roman Emperor Agustus in the 3rd century) and the remarkable St Donatus Church with its huge rotunda and some of the finest metalwork in all Dalmatia. The People's Square (Platea Magna) dates from the Middle Ages and Five Wells Square has 5 wells all lined up in a row!

Enjoying a holiday in Zadar means travelling to the end of the Peninsula to appreciate the amazing "sound & light show". The Sea Organ, man-made stone stairs extending 70m along the coast with pipes and whistles (playing 7 chords of 5 tones), creates music from the waves, blending human skill with nature's energy. Beside it, the astonishing Greeting to the Sun is 300 multi-layered glass plates fashioned in a 22m circle to communicate with nature's light, in tandem with the most beautiful sunset in the world. Zadar holidays are full of wonderful surprises!

Also, holidays in Zadar are full of sunshine, delicious pine-scented beaches, and dramatic strips of gorgeous coastline. Nearby national parks providing hiking, climbing and swimming opportunities. Be sure to board the local ferry from the harbour to visit one of the islands and have a day lounging on the beach or swimming in the crystal waters of the Adriatic.

The old town of Zadar is lovely too with its walled port and many historic buildings. Seek out the delicious fish restaurants, bustling cafes for people watching, or relax with a typical Maraschino liqueur in a local bar.

There are direct flights to Zadar from Dublin and we offer a good selection of hotels to suit all budgets.

Zadar Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Zadar Airport (ZAD)

Distance: 11.8 km from Zadar Airport to Zadar


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 101114182327302926201511
low 5571015182121181496