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Puerto de San Miguel

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Puerto de San Miguel Ibiza

Puerto de San Miguel Holidays - The shy and retiring opposite of sassy San Antonio, lovely Puerto de San Miguel is located on the northern coast of Ibiza, just about 5 km from the little village of San Miguel. Sheltered by towering cliffs, the beach is a favourite family haunt due to the gently shelving sands - you'll walk a fair distance even to get waist high! So, perfect for the little ones to splash around and the clean, tepid waters are the perfect medium for snorkelling too - an ideal Ibiza holiday!

Hire a pedalo, join the diving school or try your hand (and balance!) at windsurfing as the waters are shallow and there will not perhaps be too far to fall! The resort is a genuine family haven with nice beach bars and atmospheric local restaurants for evening. It's hard to imagine a nicer way to spend a day of your holiday in Ibiza.

Puerto de San Miguel is extremely child friendly and is small enough to enjoy an intimate ambience without being claustrophobic. As the island is so small, it is easy to plan a day trip to picturesque Ibiza Town. Car hire is a good option and the delights of this UNESCO World Heritage site can be enjoyed. Take in the nearby resort of Figueretas too and relax in an open air cafe. Holidays to Ibiza appeal to a wide audience, so hire a car, tour the island and explore at leisure.

Burgeoning from an old port and fishing village, Puerto de San Miguel is a million miles from the glitz and glare of some resorts on the island, but it still has its fair share of bars and restaurants. But if you crave the glam that is the well renowned clubber's heaven and if bars and nightclubs rock your boat, you can still combine leisurely days on the beach and hop into a cab for nights on the town in San Antonio - best of both worlds for beach babes and night owls.

There are no flights to Puerto de San Miguel, but flights to Ibiza guarantee that this lovely Ibiza resort is only a few hours away  Puerto de San Miguel for the perfect family holiday - without question.

Puerto de San Miguel Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Ibiza Airport (IBZ)

Distance: 30 km from Ibiza Airport to Puerto de San Miguel


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 161617192327303028241917
low 88911141821222016129