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San Antonio

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San Antonio holidays

Resorts in San Antonio - It's hard to elaborate on a fabled destination such as San Antonio. For the bar and club scene, superlatives seem inadequate and, in a way, this has put Ibiza holidays on the international map..

The resort is ultra quiet by day, probably due to the fact that most of the young visiting population have been raving it up till dawn and have only recently reached the land of nod! Some do manage to make it to the beach though and are rewarded by the opportunity to take a boat ride to the end of the Bay for a trip to Port d'es Torrent and a glorious day of faffing around on a brilliant shimmering sand beach. Take a trip to Ibiza Town and amble over the cobble locked streets to window shop or continue to Figueretas and enjoy a relaxing afternoon on an open air terrace just people watching.

But, San Antonio holidays come into their own when the sun goes down and boys and girls come out to play. The reputation for fun on the wild side possibly originated here and the resort is home to some of the liveliest bars, pubs and clubs on the planet. The resort sleeps little and not for long and is a hotbed of action during the summer months. Although it can be raucous, there are also some nice quieter venues where a romantic cocktail or a candlelit dinner is on the menu.

The resort has a huge selection of shops too and together with a mad mix of drinking establishments and trendy clubs, it is wise to have been in training for a while to keep up with the frenetic activity. A lively international crowd populate the bustling streets and a parade of the weird and wonderful is on show each evening, making people watching a positive pleasure - miss it at your peril! In fact, many holidays to Spain involve this very pleasurable activity.

Whilst there are no flights to San Antonio, but direct flights to Ibiza from Ireland offer quick access (only a few hours away!) and operate frequently. We offer San Antonio hotels and various holidays to Ibiza in the resorts of Santa Eulalia and Santa Eulalia del Rio as well as the laid back paradise of Puerto de San Miguel. Check them out now!

San Antonio Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Ibiza Airport (IBZ)

Distance: 23 km from Ibiza Airport to San Antonio


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 161617192327303028241917
low 88911141821222016129