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Early Booking Discounts

Take advantage of early booking discounts - plan ahead for 2024 and you can save money on this year's holiday.

We have a fantastic selection of properties in destinations such as the Algarve, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Kusadasi which offer special rates for booking early.

Some popular properties which can offer Early Booking Discounts (subject to availability) include:

  • Amara Sealight Elite
  • Arena Dorada
  • Be Live Experience Grand Teguise Playa
  • Be Live Lanzarote Resort
  • Best Age (by Cordial)
  • Colina da Lapa Resort
  • Colina Village
  • Cordial Green Golf
  • Cordial Sandy Golf
  • Costa Volcan & Spa
  • Crowne Plaza Vilamoura
  • Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort
  • Fantasia De Luxe
  • Grande Real Santa Eulalia
  • Grande Real Santa Eulalia Apartments
  • La Morana
  • Los Hibiscos
  • Luna Clube Brisamar
  • MarBella Corfu
  • Marina Club Suitehotel
  • Real Marina Hotel & Spa
  • Real Marina Residence
  • Sealight Resort
  • VIK San Antonio
  • Vilanova Villas & Apartments