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Holidays to Lapland

Lapland Holidays 

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Holidays to Lapland

You’ve seen him depicted in movies, you’ve read about him in stories and sang about him in songs, so why not visit him in real life?

Lapland Holidays with Click&Go

Visiting Santa Claus in Lapland is a lifelong dream for many Irish holiday makers. We grew up dreaming of Santa’s winter wonderland home since we were kids and we’ve seen it recreated so many times through movies over the years. In real life, Lapland is even more beautiful and what many holidaymakers don’t realise is, it is very accessible and affordable to visit from Ireland. 

Santa’s village, also known as Lapland, is surrounded by beautiful snow-covered forests, sparkling fairy lights and a festive warmth that just hugs you from the moment you arrive. Think warm hot chocolates, magical Christmas music and plenty of opportunities to spot reindeer and Santa’s elves. With Click&Go, you can visit Lapland at a really affordable price with our DIY Lapland holidays. 

Getting There

Rovaniemi, though it may not be a familiar place to some, is the official home of Santa Claus and also home to Santa’s official airport where he takes flight from every Christmas Eve. From October, you can fly twice weekly direct from Dublin on Thursdays and Sundays to Rovaniemi. The airport is a short 15 minute drive from the city of Rovaniemi and just 9km from Santa Claus Village. With Click&Go, getting to Lapland is a really affordable option. We offer DIY Lapland holidays which allow you to choose your preferred flight dates and accommodation.  

Where to Stay

A special, once in a lifetime trip, such as one to Lapland, deserves to last a couple of nights, both for value for money but also for the timeless memories you will create with your family. We offer a fantastic array of accommodation options in Rovaniemi that can accommodate families up to four and we also have chalet accommodation that can accommodate families up to six. Rovaniemi is a really compact city so all of our properties are central and located near attractions and shuttle transfers to Santa Claus Village. Below are our recommended accommodation options. 

Hotels that can accommodate families of up to 3:

  • 4* Aakenus Hotel
  • 4* Scandic Pohjanhovi Hotel
  • 4* Original Sokos Vaakuna Hotel

Hotels that can accommodate families of up to 4:

  • 3* Lapland Sky Ounasvaara Hotel
  • 4* Arctic City Hotel
  • 4* Santa Claus  Hotel
  • 4* Scandic Rovaniemi City Hotel

Chalet type accommodation for families of up to 6:

  • 4* Lapland Ounasvaara Chalets

Santa Claus Village

Most Irish holiday makers don’t realise that visiting Santa Claus is free in Lapland! Santa Claus Village is open 365 days a year and is free to enter. This festive wonderland has lots to see and do throughout such as visiting reindeer, Santa’s office and many more important buildings that keep everything in the North Pole running smoothly ahead of Christmas Eve! If you visit Santa Claus Village you will also cross over the Artic Circle which is a really cool thing to add to your bucket list. There are some paid attractions within the village as well but visiting and meeting Santa is absolutely free! You can also visit Santa’s Official Post Office and the Christmas Exhibition for free. Paid attractions include sleigh rides, snowmobile rides and more! 

Getting to Santa Claus Village from Rovaniemi is also really easy as there are buses that run throughout the day from the city centre and back. It is a very short, couple of minutes transfer.

Best Time to Visit Lapland?

Although Santa Claus Village is open 365 days a year, the best time to visit is in December. It is important to note that December is peak season though, so the prices would be much higher to get there. With this in mind, if you are on a budget and want to capture the essence and magic of Christmas at its best but are looking at a more affordable time to travel, we recommend travelling in November or even in January! Why not bring your little ones over after Christmas for some extended festive cheer and to let them thank Santa Claus in person for all of the lovely gifts he brought them.


What’s different about booking Lapland with Click&Go? 

Here at Click&Go, we want every family to be able to experience the magic of Lapland at an affordable price. We offer unique, DIY holiday options that include direct flights and hotel accommodation that give you the flexibility to plan your days in Lapland as you wish. 

Book online today, or for more information call our Lapland travel experts. Click&Go’s Lapland Holidays are truly the affordable way to experience the magic of Santa Claus.

Lapland on the Click&Go Travel Podcast

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