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Party Holidays

Strictly for party people, Clubbing Holidays in Majorca are specifically geared towards young and lively holidaymakers who want to just let loose! Majorca will definitely fit the bill if you want to let off some steam, get rid of exam stress and party with your friends. The brilliant clubs in Majorca attract all the big name DJ's and this is where you really can dance the night away.

Magaluf and Santa Ponsa are where it's at this summer! Crazy popular for post-exams and pre-college holidays, clubbing holidays in Majorca are a reward to yourself for getting through the year.

Click&Go now offer the perfect holidays for party people with a super selection of great value apartments to choose from. If you want a clubbing holiday, talk to the experts in Click&Go for the best advice on fantastic resorts and accommodation.

You'll need to have staying power for BCM, the absolute clubbing mecca in Magaluf. Foam parties are the stuff of legend here, so be warned. The resorts here are pretty full-on, with great bars, cool cafes, fabulous sandy beaches and, naturally, some of the best nightclubs on the planet. An unforgettable experience awaits, so get your act together, get your mates together and get booking!