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Villa Holidays

Villa Holidays with your own Private Pool

Renting a villa for your next sun holiday might seem like an extravagant and expensive option, but it might just be the perfect choice for you. While we love hotels with self-catering apartments, a villa gives you that bit more space and privacy - ideal for a family holiday or a group of friends.

A villa is a home to call your own while on holiday. You have privacy in abundance with your own swimming pool - no getting up extra early to secure a sunbed! You can choose from villas with up to 4 bedrooms so everyone has a room. 

We have a fantastic selection of high-quality villas across our top sun destinations like the Canary Islands, Greek Islands, Balearic Islands, the Algarve and Florida. A villa holiday in these destinations not only provides privacy and relaxation but amazing value too. Based on 6 people travelling, you could book your villa getaway from less than €500 per person for return flights and 7 nights in your own villa!

Why book a Villa Holiday with Click&Go?

Did you know?

All villas are all self-contained with a private pool

Did you know?

Hire a car or book private transfers to & from the villa

Did you know?

Book online for 6 or less or phone us to book more than 6

Did you know?

€1 holiday deposit on holidays with Aer Lingus flights booked 10+ weeks in advance

Villas for Family Holidays

A villa is great for families for a multitude of reasons. You have more space than in an apartment or hotel room with everyone getting their own room. If you want, there’s even space for grandparents or another family to join you. Every villa comes with its own private pool, perfect for families with younger kids who just want to splash in the water all day long.

Villas for Couples & Friends

Whether you’re a group of friends or a group of couples, a holiday is a great way to catch up as life can be so busy. A villa holiday is ideal for that. As villas are generally more outside the main towns, you really get to escape real life and truly unwind in your serene surroundings. With up to 4 bedrooms in a villa, everyone has their own space, but there’s plenty of room for fun. From sunbathing at your own private pool to having barbeques and cocktails in the evening, you can make your villa holiday as chilled or as lively as you want.

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