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Destinations / Caribbean / Antigua

Holidays in Antigua offer a quintessential Caribbean experience with bright sunshine glinting off the turquoise waters to lap lazily on powder white sands. Fronds of emerald and bottle green palms wave on the shoreline and provide some welcome shade under skies of purest baby blue where the odd fluffy cloud scuds by. Absolutely heavenly.

A honeymoon destination non-pareil, the resort of Dickenson Bay really is a romantic hideaway, but with plenty of infrastructure to make the beach resort fun-filled and busy. The stunning bleached white beach is dotted with beach bars and al fresco restaurants and there are watersports facilities with sailing, surfing, kitesurfing and skiing on offer. The marvellous beach of softest sugar-white sand appears endless and is perfect for strolling or brisk walking and the views of aquamarine water seem to merge with the azure horizon in an infinte expanse of blue. For budding divers, Jacques Cousteau fans and snorkelling enthusiasts, a pristine coral reef about a mile offshore is an underwater paradise filled with amazing vegetation and shoals of myriad hued fish. Glide along the seabed accompanied by tiny iridescent sea creatures and lose yourself in the undeniable natural beauty of our world.

On land, Dickenson Bay holidays can be active too when the sun goes down. Many lively cocktail bars offer delicious tropical drinks, cooling Caribbean rum punch and local soft drinks and beers, all necessary thirst quenchers after a hard day's sunbathing! Excellent steel bands and local musicians often strike up spontaneous sessions, so the whole area rocks to a calypso beat and that unmistakable Caribbean rhythm sways like the ubiquitous palm. Antigua holidays in Dickenson Bay have a real Caribbean "vibe" and it is hard not to fall into the languid way of life, not least because of the heat which seems to slow everything to snail's pace. Slow down, go with the flow and allow the spirit of the Caribbean to envelop you like a warm embrace.

Antigua holidays in Hawksbill Bay are a complete study in relaxation! Located on the western fringes of the gorgeous island of Antigua, Hawksbill Bay is situated close to the heart of Five Islands Harbour and really comprises a series of four marvellous crescent beaches. Just 5 klms north of Jolly Harbour, the city is easily accessible and can be a welcome break from endless beach pursuits - as if!.....

Definitely more low key than other beach resorts on the island, Hawksbill Bay is ideal for skipping the crowds and simply chilling on a wonderful Caribbean beach. Hemmed by palm trees, the sand is powdery soft and clean and the clear waters are perfect for diving, snorkelling and swimming. Quiet and laid back, there is little infrastructure except some hotel properties with beach frontage. The beaches are highly regarded for cleanliness, beauty and peaceful surrounds with one beach being a nudist beach. Hawksbill Bay holidays in Antigua are recommended for rest and tranquillity. The more mainstream resorts closer to St John's are a lot livelier with Dickenson Bay and Runaway Bay on the north western coast offering plenty of beach bars, cafes and great watersports activities.

Antigua holidays at Hawksbill Bay have the benefit of a relaxing ambience safely cradled in the calm waters of the Caribbean. Slightly further up the coast, a dazzling underwater canvas awaits where the pristine coral reef throws up a magnificent array of sea life rich in colour and variety - a whole new world just ready to be explored and admired. A divine destination for a dream honeymoon, Hawksbill Bay has the right amount of romantic aura as there are not too many distractions, making it easier to concentrate on the business of love! Lulled by the gentle sounds of the Caribbean, the cool breeze through the palms or the clicking of cicadas in the nearby oleander and bougainvillea, it is impossible not to fall into a trance-like state where the beauty and bounty of nature is all around.

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