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Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center with Click&Go

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with Click&Go

Kennedy Space Center, Florida is one of the most unique attractions you can enjoy on your Orlando, or Florida holiday. Immerse yourself in the world of NASA as you take in this incredible attractions Mission Zones that will give you a hands-on feel for space exploration and the story of humans in space. Kennedy Space Center is loved by all who visit including both adults and children. Astronauts assemble!


Book your Kennedy Space Center attraction tickets with Click&Go

Planning your mission starts now and if you want to add some education to your Orlando holiday, Kennedy Space Center is the perfect attraction to enjoy and experience as a family. You can easily drive to Kennedy Space Center from Orlando with the journey taking approximately 60 minutes each way. Should you prefer to have transfers included in your ticket, speak to our USA Travel Experts about including return transfers.



Kennedy Space Center Highlights:


Your Kennedy Space Center admission ticket gives you access to a huge array of out of this world experiences including the following:


Space Shuttle Atlantis: Get up close and personal with Space Shuttle Atlantis! At this exhibition you can enjoy over 60 interactive exhibits and simulators that will provide you with a unique look at the shuttle’s complex make up, systems and capabilities. The space shuttle is also displayed how it would appear in space - raised 30 feet from the ground and tilted at 43 degrees. Space Shuttle Atlantis is a must see and it will definitely be one of your Kennedy Space Center highlights.


Shuttle Launch Experience: Have you ever wondered what it feels like to launch into space!? The Shuttle Launch Experience will recreate this incredible moment for visitors who are strapped in to enjoy the sights, sounds and sensations of a real shuttle launch. How exhilarating!


Heroes and Legends Exhibition: This fantastic exhibition is home to the US Astronaut Hall of Fame.




Saturn V Center: Relive the exciting Apollo era at this exhibition which celebrates the achievement of man being on the moon. At the Saturn V Center, you will also get to see the 363 foot long Saturn V moon rocket.


Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour: The best way to get an overview of Kennedy Space Center is on the bus tour. Enjoy a drive by view of a launch pad, marvel at the massive Saturn V Rocket and experience the historic Apollo 8 launch.


Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex: This brand new exhibition opened in 2022 and offers visitors a look at the present and future of collaborative space exploration. You will get to celebrate the rocketry’s past, present and future while also having an in-dept look at the space travel of tomorrow.


Even more space exploration can be enjoyed at Rocket Garden, the Imax theatre, and throughout the rest of Kennedy Space Center’s fascinating exhibitions. All of the above fantastic attractions are included in your admission ticket that you purchase with Click&Go.

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