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Weekend Breaks from Ireland

Sometimes we don't need a full week or two weeks away to feel refreshed. Why not treat yourself to a weekend getaway? 

If you're looking for cheap weekend breaks, look no further than Click&Go. We offer over 90 city break destinations so there are short breaks to suit everyone's taste.  Whether you want to shop along Paris' Champs Elysées, pretend to be a gladiator at Rome's Colosseum, samples tapas in Barcelona, find the perfect custard tart in Lisbon or browse a Christmas Market, the possibilities are endless!

Or, if you're short on holiday time, why not have a weekend break to the sun? Take a long weekend, escape the grey skies and head to some of Europe's fantastic sun destination for a sun-soaked weekend getaway! Some of our favourite destinations would be the Algarve, Costa del Sol and Halkidiki.

Our cheap weekend breaks include hand-picked city centre hotels and return flights. If you book Aer Lingus flights, you'll get a low booking deposit of €1pp when you book +10 weeks in advance. And, if you're flexible with your travel dates, remember, the cheapest time to travel is mid-week.