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Rovinj holidays are very popular in the region of Istria, located on the western flank of the coastline. Abundant in the natural beauty of the area, Rovinj has some particularly dinky little coves and hidden inlets, just begging to be explored. Most of the local beaches are pebbly, but all are licked by the cleanest waters of the Adriatic where the azure depths yield shallows of sapphire blue and turquoise glints that dazzle and delight.

Rovinj holidays are typified by rocky bays and sheltered coves where swimming is a delight. Gently shelving by times or deeper still in areas where diving from craggy rocks is popular, the ground underfoot is usually pebbly, but the clarity of the sea compensates for any sandy shortcoming. Marine life is rich and varied, so snorkellers will be in paradise.

Holidays in Rovinj are a study in pure pleasure! A lovely climate, lots of beaches, plenty of historical interest and a buzzing town centre guarantee a holiday resort that is really full of life in the summer months. Culturally rich too, there are art galleries, street artists and music and theatre venues where the traditions of Croatia are maintained and portrayed.

For a further adventure, there is even a high speed ferry between Rovinj and Venice during peak season, so a romantic gondola ride, a coffee in St Mark's Square or a stroll over the Bridge of Sighs could well feature on a Rovinj holiday!

A true Mediterranean fishing port, Rovinj has not lost its real roots either. Very busy and crammed with visitors in high summer, take a walk to the harbour and watch the fishermen haul their catch to shore and be reminded of a more simple life in days gone by. The offshore islands of the Rovinj archipelago are great for day tripping and enjoying a boat ride for exploration of a different landscape.

The town has cobbled streets and meandering alleys where cafes and local bars offer shade and succour from the heat of midday. Simply dripping in atmosphere, the narrow streets are utterly picturesque and could have been carved out in medieval times. A walk in Rovinj is a walk in the past where history comes alive at every pace. Visit local craft shops where artisan wares will solve all your souvenir problems and help to lighten your holiday pocket!

Rovinj Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Pula Airport (PUY)

Distance: 39.1 km to from Pula Airport to Rovinj


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

high 101012152025272723201511
low 55710151921211714107