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How to choose your hotel at Disneyland Paris?

How to choose your hotel at Disneyland Paris?

Choosing a hotel at Disneyland Paris is often a dilemma! Which Disney hotel should you choose? Family, budget, comfort... What is the best hotel for your stay?

Click&Go helps you choose the best hotel in Disneyland Paris according to your expectations, your budget or your preferences during a stay in Disneyland Paris!

What is the best hotel in Disneyland Paris for toddlers?

The Sequoia Lodge is the best choice for a family stay at Disneyland Paris. This hotel will be perfect for toddlers and teenagers and will be comfortable for parents.

Families represent the majority of Click&Go's bookings for Disneyland Paris. They are also the ones for whom the budget is the most important, but when you go to Disneyland Paris as a family, you also want to please your children.

Ultimately, when choosing a hotel in Disneyland Paris for the little ones, you have to remember that the most important thing is that the magic is there for them! Luckily, Disney heroes are present in almost each Disney themed hotel now!

Located on Lake Disney, The Sequoia Lodge is within walking distance to the Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland Park through Disney Village, it's an easy and pleasant walk in the morning and in the evening. It also allows you to quickly return to your hotel while enjoying the Disney Village activities and the lake.

Of course, it is possible to take the free shuttle buses.

The large reception room has a bar/lounge area and a children's playground. Ideal for family time so that everyone can find a moment to themselves after a hard day's walking!

What is the best hotel in Disneyland Paris for couples?

The Disneyland Hotel is the ideal place for a romantic stay. This 5 star hotel is the most sumptuous of the Disneyland Resort. Designed for a discerning clientele, its services are superior to those of other hotels in the area (presidential suite, VIP services, etc.).

If you stay in this hotel, you will benefit from the 5 star services, but the real plus of this one is the Disney atmosphere present everywhere, the quality of the decorations and the Disney characters omnipresent in the hotel.

This is of course the most expensive hotel in the park, and not everyone can afford it.

Fortunately, there are two other hotels that are perfect alternatives: the Newport Bay Club and the New York: The Art of Marvel.

The 4-star hotel Newport Bay Club is in the same price range as the Sequoia Lodge, but it is more intimate, and more focused on comfort and calm. Its seaside atmosphere is perfect for a romantic stay. To complete the picture, choose a room with a lake view if you can.

In the luxury of Disney hotel New York the art of Marvel, you will experience the atmosphere of 1930s Manhattan. This luxury establishment is a must for lovers of the "Big Apple" looking for top-of-the-range comfort in a chic and elegant environment.

What is the best value Disneyland hotel?

The Cheyenne hotel and the Santa Fe hotel are the most cost-effective hotels in Disneyland Paris, and they are often cheaper than the hotels near the Disney parks due to the promotions and benefits (park ticket, extra magic time, meal planning...).

Between the Cheyenne hotel and the Santa Fe hotel, the choice is difficult because the only difference is the decoration (Far West for the Cheyenne, Cars for the Santa Fe). You can choose according to your theme preference or according to the current promotions.

Which Disney hotel to choose?

Another way to help you in your choice is also to proceed by elimination.

Between the six hotels, here is how you can select the best choice for you:

  • If you have the budget, choose the Disneyland Hotel.
  • If you want to be able to walk around, enjoy Disneyland services and Disney Village and Lake entertainment, select either the New York: The Art of Marvel, NewPort Bay Club or the Sequoia Lodge. These hotels are often at the same rate depending on current promotions.
  • Finally, if you want to save money, take the Santa Fe Hotel or the Cheyenne Hotel. 

When searching for your holiday, you can use our filters to find the perfect holiday for you. You can filter by price, star rating, board basis, facilities...

Disneyland Paris Fun Facts!

Did you know?

The Park features 450 different plant species and has about 35,000 trees.

Did you know?

There’s a secret network of underground tunnels for characters to dash through the park

Did you know?

Disneyland Paris was originally called Euro Disney

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