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Holidays to St Lucia are the epitome of a Caribbean paradise. The interesting topography with the twin-peaked Pitons rising out of the azure waters on the west coast, attracts walkers, mountain climbers and, naturally, sun lovers. The tropical climate gives rise to lush verdant foliage, dense plantations and coconut palms. The sparkling Caribbean sea surrounding the island varies from shades of deepest ultramarine to dazzling turquoise blue and the underwater world simply teems with colourful fish, lacy corals, waving anemones and sea turtles. 

Holidays in St Lucia are heavenly, with superb hotels located on stunning beaches. Many of the quality hotel properties are exclusive, with excellent standards throughout. Watersports are one of the main beach pursuits and many schools offer snorkelling, scuba diving, windsurfing, sailing and paragliding lessons.

Like most Caribbean islands, St Lucia loves to party! Festivals and carnivals are part of the culture and add to the overall colour and character. Cuisine in St Lucia is typically Caribbean (banana, plantain and saltfish are staples) with hints of French Creole, African and British influences. A stay in St Lucia requires plenty of refreshing tropical fruit punches and local rum cocktails to wash it all down. 


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