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The capital of Iceland is a small city with a vibrant nightlife, colourful wooden houses and a fascinating heritage dating back to the Vikings. Surrounded by the sea, the waterfront is perfect for strolling on a city break in Reykjavik, while Videy Island, which is steeped in history and culture, is a short boat trip away.

Geothermal bathing is almost a pre-requisite when you visit the land of fire and ice, where there are dozens of naturally heated pools and hot tubs in which to take a soak. Reykjavik holidays are for those who wish to spot a humpback whale or two, reach new highs on mount Esja (the view of the city is simply stunning) or sample authentic Nordic cuisine, which is heavy on seafood, organic lamb and wild game.

The coffee culture in Reykjavik is thriving and there are loads of trendy cafés to stop in at after visiting the iconic Hallgrimskirkja church, the huge open-air museum with live actors (Arbaejarsafn) or shopping for a popular lopapeysa (Icelandic knitted jumper). Don't forget to conserve some energy for the booming nightlife - the bars and clubs don't get going until midnight and stay open 'til dawn!

The flight time from Ireland to Iceland is approximately 2hr 35 mins and we offer excellent packages, including flights and accommodation in Reykjavik.

Getting into Reykjavik from Keflavik Airport

Landing in Keflavik Airport, it's a quick transfer to Reykjavik city. You have 2 options: bus or private shuttle.

Bus: You can get the Flybus, which departs approx. 30mins after each flight arrival. It takes approx. 45mins and costs €20 per journey. Or, you can take the public bus which departs every 1-1.5hours. It takes approx. 1 hour and is €6 per journey. 

Private shuttle: You can also get your own private transfer which takes approx. 50mins and costs approx. €212pp return based on 2 people sharing.

10 Reasons to Visit Reykjavik

  1. Northern Lights: Aurora Borealis – catching a glimpse of the natural spectacle that draws so many people to Iceland. All you need is a clear and dark sky (best from September – April) and clothes that keep you warm.
  2. Midnight sun: Due to its location close to the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t set for about 2 weeks around the summer equinox. Starting in May until mid-August, it never gets properly dark as the sun doesn’t go far enough underneath the horizon.
  3. Tallest church: Hallgrímskirkja is the tallest church in Reykjavik and amazes with its expressionist architecture. The tower offers stunning views of the city and the second floor a breath-taking view of the simple and minimalist interior.
  4. Whale Watching: Ever wanted to go whale watching? In Iceland, you have the best chance to spot those giant species in the water. Being the whale watching capital of Europe, you won't be disappointed with the number of humpback whales and minke whales.
  5. Thermal Pools, Spas & Beaches: With Iceland having the highest ratio of swimming pools per capita in the world and the geothermal energy on the island, year-round outdoor swimming is normal. Best enjoyed after walking around the city all day - or a crazy night out.
  6. Perlan & views of the city: A very interesting complex. A glass dome built on 6 water tanks that hold the warm water for Reykjavik. It’s situated on top of a hill overlooking the city. One of the tanks is empty and hosts a museum inside.
  7. Harpa – concert hall & conference centre: The concert hall and conference centre is an impressive building with a glass panel facade. It offers unbeatable harbour views, little stores and restaurants. Shows are available in English. If you can’t make to one, stroll around the building on your own. 
  8. Grotta Lighthouse: Stroll along the harbour for about an hour to get to the red and white Grotta Lighthouse. Perfect for experiencing the Icelandic outdoors if you don’t plan to leave the city. It’s also a great spot for Northern Lights.
  9. Street Art in Reykjavik: If you think of graffiti, you might think about paintings on walls where you could debate if it’s art or not. Not in Reykjavik, though. The cities facades sparkle with art and paintings that make you stop and stare for a while.
  10. The Sun Voyager: Maybe one of the most photographed spots in Reykjavik, the Sun Voyager, a massive steel sculpture, with the Mount Esja in the background, is a spot you should head to. It’ll feed your Instagram with another spectacular photo of your travels.

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