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Kotor Bay is often referred to as the 'southernmost fjord', although its beauty could rival the fjords of Norway, it is, in fact, a partially submerged river valley. With sweeping mountains and charming red-roofed towns, Kotor Bay is a wonder to behold. 

Dotted with quaint towns, there's plenty to keep you busy. The main towns around the Bay are:


Kotor is the main town on the Bay and walking through it is like walking through a fairytale. Explore its churches like St Tryphon's Cathedral or Sveti Nikola Church, say hello to the Kotor cats or hike up to San Giovanni Fortress for stunning views.


With one main street, 16 churches and 17 grand palaces, Perast resembles a miniature Venice. One of the main draws in Perast is the 'Our Lady of the Rocks', an artificial island with a 17th Century Roman Catholic Church and museum.


Dobrota, almost an extension of Kotor, looks out to see and is rich in maritime history. Its promenade is ideal for relaxing strolls and embracing the amazing scenery that surrounds the Bay. Many palazzos have been restored and just ooze elegance and grandeur, almost overshadowing those in Kotor and Perast. 


Once a key maritime town along the Adriatic, Prčanj is now one of the smaller towns along the Bay. Its most impressive piece of architecture is the Bogorodicin Hram Church which took 120 years to complete. Staying here, you'll have fantastic views of Kotor and the scenery that surrounds it. 

Kotor Bay Airport Transfers & Weather

Airport: Podgorica Airport (TGD)

Distance: 86km from Podgorica Airport to Kotor Bay


You can get a shared shuttle from Podgorica Airport to your Kotor Bay. This a coach transfer with multiple stops en route to your accommodation. It's the cheapest but slowest option.


The fastest and most direct option, though slightly more expensive, is a private transfer. This is a private vehicle just for you and the people travelling with you. There are no stops and no waiting at the airport. 

Average temperature

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low 235812151717141063

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