EU Digital COVID Certificate

Quick Guide

EU Digital COVID Certificate Quick Guide

EU Digital COVID Certificate Quick Guide

On the website Re-Open EU (, you can get the most up to date travel information – this is an official EU website and you can check requirements for travel from Ireland to other EU states and for travel from EU States back to Ireland. You can also get information on travel from non-EU countries (rest of the world) to Ireland on this website.

Find the full details about the EU Digital COVID Cert on


Where can I get my EU Digital COVID Certificate (EU DCC) and will it show my Booster Vaccine?

You can get a free EU Digital Covid Certificate from the EU country where your vaccination, booster vaccination or COVID-19 test took place.  You can make your request for a DCC through this online portal.   You can use the portal to update details on your Vaccination Certificate, request a Recovery Certificate, Reissue, and request an EU DCC for vaccinations received outside the EU.


Travelling overseas from Ireland

While all travel requirements to enter Ireland have been removed, other EU and non-EU countries may still require travellers to hold either:

  • proof of vaccination
  • proof of recovery, or
  • a negative test result


Following changes to EU rules from 1 February 2022:

  • vaccine certificates for primary vaccination series are not accepted for travel if more than 270 days have passed since the final dose in the primary vaccine series. Persons travelling with only a vaccination certificate showing their primary series must ensure that it is still in the acceptable date range
  • vaccine certificates based on booster/additional doses are not time limited and persons travelling with this additional document are not subject to the 270 day acceptance period

Please review the travel restriction in place for each EU country. Details can be found on DFA Travel Advisory or Re-Open EU.


What other documents are needed if I have an EU Digital COVID Cert and I am travelling within the EU?

Some EU countries requires you to complete a document online, for each passenger before you depart Ireland for that destination.  If the country you are visiting requires a negative COVID19 test result this documentation will also be required. You will not be allowed to check-in for your flight from Ireland to the EU destination if the form is not completed and if required, proof of a negative test result.  Each country sets the timeline within which these documents should be completed, generally it is within 72 hours of travel, but this varies by country and is subject to change.

Please refer to Re-Open EU ( and Department of Foreign Affairs website for full details.


What if I am not vaccinated and want to travel within the EU?

On the website Re-Open EU ( you can get the most up to date travel information – this is an official EU website and you can check requirements for travel from Ireland to other EU states and for travel from EU states back to Ireland. You cannot get information on this website for non-EU countries.


What are the rules about children and the EU DCC (Digital Covid Cert)?

When travelling to another EU State from Ireland please refer to Re-Open EU ( for full details of what that State requires in terms of the type test results and the applicable exemption age for children who do not hold an EU Digital COVID Cert. Most EU States exempt children under 12 years from tests.


What about travel to and from USA?

The rules for travel to and from the USA are on the DFA website - click here.

Arrival into USA:

From Monday 06 December all passengers entering the United States regardless of their vaccination status must have an original printed or electronic negative COVID-19 viral test result (PCR or Antigen but the test must be professionally administered in a clinic and must be certified – soft copy or paper proof required).

The test must be taken 1 day before the first scheduled departure time in the flight itinerary. Test results must include the traveller's full name and at least one other identifier such as date of birth or passport number. The test must also clearly state that the results are "negative," SARS-CoV-2 RNA not detected," SARS-CoV-2 antigen not detected," or "COVID-19 not detected."

A test marked "invalid" is not acceptable. This requirement applies to all travellers, including US citizens, residents, and transit travellers.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – click here have clarified that before boarding a flight Foreign Nationals over the age of 18 will need to show an official record of vaccination against Covid-19 and proof of a negative PCR or antigen test result from a test taken within three days of departure to the U.S.

A passenger will be required to show an official vaccination record to board the plane such as the EU Digital Covid Certificate with QR code. To be considered fully vaccinated, a passenger must:

Airlines at the point of departure will be required to:

  • Match the name and date of birth to confirm the passenger is the same person reflected on the proof of vaccination;
  • Determine that the record was issued by an official source in the country where the vaccine was given;
  • Review the essential information for determining if the passenger meets the CDC’s (US Centre for Disease Control) definition for fully vaccinated such as vaccine product, number of vaccine doses received, date(s) of administration, vaccination site; and
  • Check for a negative Covid-19 test result before allowing a passenger to board the plane.
  • Complete the passenger disclosure and attestation form which shows compliance with the above travel requirements prior to embarkation of the aircraft.

The Administration intends to work closely with airlines to assist in the successful implementation of these new requirements.

Requirements for Children:

  • Children under 18 are excepted from the vaccination requirement for Foreign National travellers.
  • Children between the ages of 2 and 17 are required to produce a negative viral test result before departure. Both nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs), such as a PCR test, and antigen tests are accepted.
  • If traveling with a fully vaccinated adult, an unvaccinated child can test three days prior to departure.

The CDC is also issuing a Contract Tracing order requiring all airlines to track contact information that will allow public health officials to follow up with inbound air travellers who have potentially been infected or exposed to an infected individual.

For more details, click here for CDC guidelines.


Travel advice and entry requirements for countries not listed?

Travel advice for countries not listed above can be located at Department of Foreign Affairs travel advice section, click here or for travel within EU Re-Open EU - click here.


Residents of the Republic of Ireland

Travel guidance is applicable from the Department of Foreign Affairs – click here.


Residents of Northern Ireland

Travel guidance is applicable from GOV.UK ( – click here.

Useful links for information on international travel and their entry requirements:

Department of Foreign Affairs, Travel Advice

Re-open EU

Aer Lingus




* The information on this page is subject to change based on public health guidance so always check the most up to date information before you travel, see useful links section.

* Content last updated 10 June 2022.